How To Earn

How To Earn

How To Earn

hbrgame is a flourishing program which is developing day to day. It’s a free rewards program which permits its individuals to make incredible earnings on the web, on occasion that suit them.


Likewise, then again, you don’t need to pay a dime to cashout on hbrgame. The enrollment is 100 percent FREE!!

We empower  individuals with a valuable open door opportunity to exploit the web and make it an approach to making additional money with their cell phones for FREE!! Your Activeness is GRANTED the same length as you would  have the base withdrawal sum.

Who can be a part on hbrgame?
Anybody can be register on hbrgame, all you really need is a web empowered gadget to empower you play out your day to day errands on our site.

One of the thought on hbrgame is to assist with decreasing joblessness in the general public and let individuals earn a decent amount of cash while perusing news on the web and riding the net with us.

Can I Trust hbrgame?

You might be pondering, is this another trick? No, It’s not by any stretch of the imagination… hbrgame is 100 percent LEGIT. We keep to our commitment.

Declarations OF OUR MEMBERS

At the point when you become an enlisted part, you can procure up to 10k to 20k consistently on hbrgame for FREE!!

Enrollment Benefit And How To Earn Money

hbrgame has come to remain, to enable young people on a simple way to earning a seriously fair income palatable to your daily existence, this bring the inquiry on how hard is it to Earn Cash on hbrgame and what are the prerequisites to begin earning? Earning on hbrgame is very simple all you really want to begin earning is a steady web connection and a cell phone.

With our unadulterated philosophy on ensuring intrigued Nigerians experience and partake in the web based earning an open door, hbrgame Income  Program is completely furnished with the accompanying earning highlights;

Affiliate Commission – As a part, you are likewise an affiliate after a succesful registration.= N200 per every individual you refer to join the program through your unique referral link. The more individuals you refer to partake, If you can refer (10) individuals to make the most of hbrgame Income opportunity everyday, you will procure ₦2,000 Naira in a day and ₦60,000 Naira month to month for #FREE

Sponsored Post – Get paid to post content on your social media profiles like Facebook, WhatsApp status and acquire up to ₦100 per each supported post you shared on Facebook.

How you Earn on hbrgame

The enrollment participation is FREE
Affiliate commission is = ₦200
Day to day login ₦100
viewing post ₦3
Commenting is ₦3
Sponsored post ₦100
Referral is Optional(discretionary)!

How and when can your withdraw on hbrgame.

Another Question You Would Want to ask Is How and When you can withdraw your earnings on hbrgame?

If it’s not too much trouble, note that on hbrgame we have made it simple for everybody to participate in our free program, so we drafted out two essential ways of earning either by being;

1. An affiliate (you refer individuals totally free with your extraordinary unique referral link)
2. News or Activity Earnings ( you perform regular errand on hbrgame, referral isn’t mandatory)

Affiliates With atleast N10,000 affiliate earnings can demand their withdrawal once its 30th of the month

Activity Earners With Atleast N15,000 are qaulified to withdraw their earnings once every first of each and every new month.

Note – You can Both be an affiliate and furthermore an activity worker, payment upon withdrawal would be settled to your Bank Account in no time.

How We Pay?

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Usdt (Coming Soon)

This is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.