Best Way to Check U.S Visa Status

Best Way to Check U.S Visa Status

Having an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa allows you to travel to the United States, but you must first know your visa status. Therefore, your official immigration status in the United States is based on your I-94 record.

Additionally, the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) Status Check database allows you to check the status of an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa application.

You must use a Visa status checker to determine your Visa status. You must enter your CEAC Barcode, the interview location for nonimmigrant (NIV) cases, and the case number for immigrant visa (IV) cases when using a status checker.

People who want to temporarily reside in the United States for business, employment, or educational purposes are granted a nonimmigrant visa. An Immigrant visa, on the other hand, is for people who want to stay in the United States for life.

In addition, the US Office of Consular Affairs’ website provides additional information regarding cases involving immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.


This article also explains what “US Visa Status” means, why it’s important, how to change your visa status, and other things you might want to know.

Why you should check your US visa status.

When you want to enter the United States as an immigrant or nonimmigrant, you need to apply for a visa, which is a document that says you can apply to enter the country. As a result, applicants must check their US visa status to determine where their visa application stands.


Form I-797, Notice of Action, which confirms receipt of your visa petition and provides you with a case number, will be sent to you after your visa application has been submitted to USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). The unique 13-digit barcode known as the case number is what you use to check your US visa status online. Additionally, the online CEAC Status Check lets you check on the status of visa extensions, petitions, and transfers.


Depending on the visa category, checking your visa application status will return one of the following statuses.

US Visa Status for NIV Applicants

You will receive feedback when you check the status of your application for a nonimmigrant visa. One example of the feedback you might receive is listed below.

No status

If you submitted your online application for a nonimmigrant visa (DS-160), this status indicates the visa system has not processed your application. Depending on location, your application may remain in this status until you appear for an interview or until your application is ready for review.


The case regarding your visa status is open and prepared for an interview, fingerprints, and the necessary documents. You can check your application status in two business days if you completed your interview or were not required to give one.

Administrative Processing

Your visa case is currently undergoing administrative processing, which can take several weeks, as indicated by this status. At the time of your interview, the Consular Officer will give you instructions to follow. If your visa application is approved, additional information may be requested, and within two business days, it will either be processed, mailed, or given to you.


The processing of your visa is nearing its conclusion. You will need to get in touch with the consulate or embassy where you submitted your application if you have not received your visa within ten working days of when this status appears online.


For reasons not listed in Administrative Processing, your visa application was denied.

Business based U.S Visa Classifications

Assume you need to change your status to one of the accompanying business based nonimmigrant classifications. Before Form I-94 expires, your prospective employer must file an I-129 petition for a nonimmigrant worker on your behalf. The I-129 petition makes it clear that you will carry out the kind of work that will fall under the new nonimmigrant classification for the petitioner and that you meet the requirements for changing your status. You can’t start working in the new classification until the USCIS approves the status change.

The classifications are:

E1 (Treaty Trader) or

E2 (Treaty Investor);

H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, or H-3 (Temporary Workers);

L-1A or L-1B (Intracompany Transferee);

O1 or O2 (Aliens with Extraordinary Ability);

P1, P2, or P3 (Athletes and Entertainers);

Q1 (International Cultural Exchange);

R1 (Religious Workers); TN (NAFTA Canadians and Mexicans)

Other US Visa Categories:

If you want to change your status to one of the following nonimmigrant categories, you need to file Form I-539:

  • A (Diplomatic and Other Government Officials, Immediate Family Members, and Employees),
  • B1 and B2 (Visitors for Business of Pleasure),
  • E (Treaty Traders and Investor Dependents),
  • F (Academic Students and Dependents),
  • G (Foreign Government Officials and Certain Immediate Family Members),
  • H4 (Temporary Worker Dependents),
  • K3 Spouse of US Citizen and K4 Minor Child Accompanying or Following to Join),
  • L2 (Intracompany Transferee Dependents),
  • M (Vocational and Language Students and Dependents),
  • N (Parents and Children of Certain People Who Have Been Granted Special Immigrant Status),
  • NATO (NATO Representatives, Officials, Employees, and Immediate Family Members),
  • O3 (Aliens With Extraordinary Ability Dependents),
  • P4 (Athletes and Entertainer Dependents),
  • R2 (Religious Worker Dependents), and TD (TN Dependents).

Steps to Check Visa Status

For you to check your US visa application status, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Go to the CEAC website.
  • Enter your 13-digit barcode from the application.
  • Enter the interview location (nonimmigrant visa) or case number (immigrant visa). t
  • Confirm the status.


You can easily submit your visa application now that you know where your US visa stands.




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