Crossword Paper Puzzles Modded Apk

Crossword Paper Puzzles Modded Apk

Crossword Paper Puzzles Modded Apk

This free crosswords paper puzzle app has multiple games to play for free. Reviewed as being a “Simple interface for a sophisticated game”.

Being the Puzzle Maker for a regular monthly magazine / newspaper publication. Hence the name Crosswords Paper Puzzles The local (for me anyway) publication is to help the homeless earn income and gain housing then additionally helping them stay out of homelessness. Since I have contributed by making puzzle games, a crossword app was a natural fit.

Remove Ads can only be bought prior to any other purchase because it comes free when making any other purchase. Though at least at this point there is no ads just the framework for it.

The subscription is free for the first 7 days and unlocks all in app purchasable items for just $2.99 a month. As per Google Play the subscription automatically cancels after 6 payments unless you manually choose to renew. You receive a “7 Day Free Trial” when choose to subscribe the first time.

Updates will eventually rotate crossword puzzles out of commission as new ones become available. These puzzles are created manually and will be included as an update at this point.

In the future some wanted features are planned such as reveal letter and word options as well as leader boards. I will put more work into this application as the number subscribers increases.

Thanks for your support.