Engine Simulation New Mod Apk

Engine Simulation New Mod Apk

Engine Simulation New Mod Apk

There’s a new beta version of this app available in the developer profile page.

This engine simulation uses engine size, RPM, tune parameters (fuel consumption, boost / vacuum, etc) and estimates horsepower for a given weather combination.

Answer questions like “how much horsepower will a 302 V8 make with 10 PSI boost at sea level vs the top of pikes peak”

Sorry, it isn’t a game. It’s a calculator.

Use it to predict 1/4 mile times and see part sizing for exhaust headers, fuel pump and injectors and throttle body or carb for the given engine combination.

Get a horsepower rating estimate for your cylinder heads and cylinder head + camshaft combo based on the CFM rating of your cylinder heads.

Thanks for understanding this is a project that gets very little development time. A new version is being developed all feedback on this version is appreciated.