EV Car Simulator 3D: Car Games Mod Apk

EV Car Simulator 3D: Car Games Mod Apk

EV Car Simulator 3D: Car Games Mod Apk

Are you ready to drive Electric Car in city? Drive the powerful Electric Cars like Tesla Model X, Model Y, Model 3 and Super Model S in amazing city with ultra HD graphics. This new car games 2022 offers a real car driving feel on asphalt roads and busy traffic roads. Enjoy the powerful car racing on city roads and completes various missions to unlock new car modifications. This top car games “Electric Car Simulator 2021: City Car Game” combines realism and fun driving physics to create the best car driving simulator on mobile with its advanced car driving physics engine. The game has many challenging routes and extreme mission to enjoy. This is not just another simple car driver simulator game, this is the best crazy car driving games which meets your racing goals!

Enjoy your time by playing this Electric Car Simulator 2022: City Car Game. Testing your limited drifting skills on the complex curves of the tracks! Fasten your seat belts and relish yourself with enthralling adventures with all kinds of vehicles. Chase others vehicles with winning attitude, collide with others and beat them all. When cars drift around the deserts & mountains having twisted roads makes it perfect drifting city car driving game 2020. Simultaneous tilt of the throttle and aerodynamic brakes to shift the weight of super drift car back and forth turns gives the perfect car drifting experience on muddy roads in this best electric car simulator 2020. Ground-breaking, easy to use driving controls; ultra-responsive and accessible to players of all ability. Explosive new power-ups, exclusive to Heat, let you crank up the carnage. Choose from a huge variety of high performance pursuit cars ranging from American muscle to exotic European hypercars in this City car simulator. Enjoy Electric Car Simulator & Drive Tesla Model X, Model Y, Model S & Model 3 in City Car Driving Games.

This electric car driving simulator game of 2021 comes with most advanced electric cars driving physics, big open world map with highly detailed environment and beautiful sports cars. Even top car games don’t have a feature like this i.e driving and flying your car with high speed but this Electric Car Simulator 2021: City Car Game has all what you want in a new car games. Want to get escape from hectic routine of real world??? Then Welcome to the Extreme Car Driving & Racing Game of 2020. Enjoy this City Car simulator 2022 with amazing super cars around the world.

Features of Electric Car Simulator 2021: City Driving Games

– Realistic City Car Driving Experience
– Urban Traffic System in the City
– Detailed Cars with Realistic Interiors
– Powerful Electric Cars with Real world Engine power
– This City Car Simulator offers various missions
– Extreme Tasks to give you best rewards in the game
– Detail Customization of available Electric Cars


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    I like it as a 3D car. It’s indeed a modernized car. People would love to buy it


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  16. How can I get it?

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