Favourite 17 Reasons to Visit Portugal At least Once

Favourite 17 Reasons to Visit Portugal At least Once

If someone were to ask you why you should visit Portugal at least once in your life, what would you say? We are confident that you will agree that Portugal offers a lot. Portugal is definitely a destination that should be visited due to its beautiful beaches and rich culture.

Portugal is a stunning nation in the southern part of Europe. It is bounded to the west by Spain, to the north by France, and to the east and south by the Atlantic Ocean. There are approximately 10 million people living in the country, which has a total area of roughly 505,878 square kilometers (198,633 square miles).

Latin is where Portuguese got its start, but other languages like French, Spanish, Italian, and German also had an impact on it.

Additionally, the cuisine of Portugal is exceptionally diverse and diverse. There are more than one hundred regional dishes, each with its own distinct flavors and components. However, if you still aren’t convinced, here are 17 reasons to visit Portugal this year and give it a try.

The following is a list of our top 17 reasons to travel to Portugal. Let us know which ones you are most in love with.

#1. Beautiful beaches

Portugal has more than 100 beautiful beaches, and no, not all of them are in the Algarve. Along Portugal’s west coast, you can find some of the most stunning beaches, like Comporta and Figueirinha.

Since you are bathing on the Atlantic Ocean, the water will definitely be a little bit colder here. However, at the end of the day, you will be rewarded with a stunning pink-and-orange sunset right on the coast.

#2. A hive of festivals

The Portuguese place a high value on festivals. Portugal, a country that has always been Catholic, celebrates several saints throughout the year with music, parades, and, of course, delectable food. If you like to celebrate, Portugal is another reason to visit.

The people of Tomar have been celebrating the Holy Spirit during the Festa dos Tabuleiros (Trays Festival) since the 17th century.

During this event, which takes place every four years, women carry half a kilogram (one pound) of platters decorated with flowers and bread on their heads as they march through the town’s main streets.

Portugal has a Carnaval as well. The most stunning parades are held in Sesimbra and Torres Vedras, with some fascinating political figures marching.

#3. It would be impossible to count the number of historic castles in Portugal.
Did you know that Portugal’s borders have not changed since the 11th century? As a result, it is one of Europe’s oldest nations. The majority of history has, fortunately, been beautifully preserved.

This means that you can now visit historic sites and castles across the country that have been around for centuries.

One of the oldest universities in the world is located in Coimbra, Guimares is where Portugal’s first monarch was born, and Castelo de So Jorge in Lisbon offers stunning views.

#4. The delectable Pastéis de Nata
The Portuguese, to be honest, are very good cooks. The pastéis de Nata are without a doubt the best pastries in Portugal.

These delectable egg-cream pastries are only made by five people worldwide, so you should try them in Lisbon. Pastéis de Belém in Belém and Manteigaria in Largo do Cames have the best offerings.

#5. The prestigious wine One of Portugal’s oldest customs is winemaking.
Additionally, the high quality and excellent flavor of Portuguese wine are gaining worldwide recognition. You can take a wine tour through the Douro Valley and the Alentejo region in Portugal if you are a true wine connoisseur.

#6. The great outdoors
Despite its small size, Portugal has almost every kind of outdoor activity available. Ericeira is home to world-famous waves, Serra da Estrela is home to snowboarding down mountain slopes, and Parque Nacional do Gerês is home to sleeping under the stars.

The volcanic islands of the Azores are also becoming increasingly popular for their spectacular cliff hiking, stunning lake discovery, and natural pool swimming.

#7. In one sentence:
Visit a Fado home and listen to this melancholy music if you want to understand the Portuguese heart and what saudade really means.

Sr. Vinho and Clube de Fado are two fantastic places in Lisbon to enjoy excellent Fado singers and delectable traditional Portuguese cuisine.

#8. In Portugal, you can take a gondola ride.
Venice isn’t the only city with beautiful canals. On a smaller scale, the charming canals of the northern Portuguese city of Aveiro can be explored on a leisurely gondola ride.

#9. You’ll fall in love with Madeira for a variety of reasons,
including its stunning scenery, charming villages, and lava fields.

The grilled limpets and other fresh seafood will make you want to stay for ever.

#10. You’ll like Portuguese beer
In Portugal, beer has been around for a long time. In addition, the two major breweries—Superbock and Sagres—are the subject of a national debate here.

Why not put them to the test yourself to settle this disagreement? You will undoubtedly concur that Superbock is the superior beer.)

#11. In Portugal, the party never stops!
Apart from, of course, the delicious food, partying is the one thing that Portuguese people excel at. Additionally, Portugal has a party scene for everyone.

The party starts early and ends early—early the next day, at least—in Vilamoura’s exclusive nightclubs as well as in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto street pubs.

#12. Portugal’s low cost!
While Portugal’s venues, goods, and services are of the highest quality, it is also one of the least expensive in Western Europe. The majority of the time, Portugal is a very reasonable location; The prices remain reasonable despite its rise to popularity.

#13. Portugal is a lovely country with friendly people and delicious food,
breathtaking beauty, and a long history. However, the kindness of the locals is what sets it apart and keeps visitors coming back for more.

Portugal welcomes guests and makes new acquaintances: They will ensure that you consume nutritious food (are you sure you don’t want seconds?), show you around and ensure that you have a good time wherever you choose to spend your days.

#14. The University of Coimbra,
One of the oldest universities in the world, was established in 1290 and proudly displays its age at every opportunity. It was established in Portugal’s capital and relocated multiple times before settling in Coimbra.

Today, it is famous for starting the “city of the students,” where students wear uniforms as they walk down a narrow street. These rituals, according to some, were J.K. Rowling’s source of inspiration for the Harry Potter series! Take a trip to Coimbra or visit it from Porto!

#15. Expeditions in hiking and trekking
Hiking any of Portugal’s stunning paths is one of the best things you can do. The scenery in Portugal can be breathtaking no matter where you go. This nation has stunning landscapes that make for exciting travel. Portugal offers a wide range of excursions and hiking trails.

#16. The Sun and the Sea
This magnificent nation has a Mediterranean climate, making it possible to visit at any time. The vast coastline of Portugal, which is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, brought the country closer to other cultures and peoples. Make sure to visit its beaches and catch a sunset while you’re there!

#17. The Portuguese speak English very well.
You might be surprised by that, but it is true! More native English speakers live in Portugal than in any other country in southern Europe. This amazing country will therefore be easy for you to navigate.

Questions People Ask:

When is the Best Time to Visit Portugal?

The best time to visit Portugal is in the spring, between March and May, when the country is in bloom and waking up from the winter. You could also go in the fall, between September and October, when the weather is nice, the sun is still shining, and there are fewer people there.



Is Portugal an affordable destination?

Yes, Portugal is a relatively affordable destination, particularly in comparison to other countries in Western Europe.


How many days should I spend in Portugal?

To fully immerse yourself in the local culture, customs, and traditions, any Portugal vacation itinerary should include at least seven days. Those who have more time can go further afield or stay in one place for longer to learn more.



In conclusion, there are numerous reasons to visit Portugal. The country has a lot of history and culture, and it has many different things to do and see. Additionally, it is a great spot to unwind and take in the stunning scenery and pleasant climate. So, if you’re looking for a fun and interesting place to go, Portugal should be on your list!



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