Financial Aid At Vanguard College Edmonton, Canada

Financial Aid At Vanguard College Edmonton, Canada

Alberta’s Vanguard College of Edmonton is a theology school. The school provides students with in-depth Christian faith instruction and prepares them for ministry work.

At Vanguard College of Edmonton, students who enroll to earn certificates, diplomas, or degree certifications also benefit from numerous financial aid options.

Before adopting its current moniker, Vanguard College of Edmonton was formerly known as the Canadian Northwest Bible Institute and the Northwest Bible College.

Established in 1946, the school was a member of Christian Higher Education Canada, the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

The following are the Vanguard College programs:

Pastoral Care and Counseling Ministry Pastoral Ministry Pursue Discipleship Certificate Program Worship Arts Ministry Youth Ministry Christian Intercultural Ministry (Missions)

Programs available at Vanguard College are:

  • Children and Family Ministry
  • Christian Ministry
  • Intercultural Ministry (Missions)
  • Pastoral Care and Counselling Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Pursue Discipleship Certificate Program
  • Worship Arts Ministry
  • Youth Ministry

Financial Aids available at Vanguard College of Edmonton, Canada

Every year, Vanguard College provides over $200,000 in financial aid. At Vanguard College of Edmonton, scholarships, loans, bursaries, and other forms of financial aid are available. Entrance scholarships, regulatory bursaries, and government-provided financial aid are among the forms of financial assistance.

The majority of scholarships are open to full-time students who are taking at least 10 credits per semester, including three courses worth three credits each and an internship or practicum. For the September and January semesters, students can apply twice a year. All financial aid applications at Vanguard College of Edmonton will be covered by a single application.

At Vanguard College of Edmonton, scholarships, grants, and awards include the following:

Church Matching Bursary

These are bursaries provided by the student’s church. Students selected for the Church Matching Bursary will receive up to $500.

Bursary for Ministry and Family Aid

Students in the Christian ministry and those whose family members have attended or have attended Vanguard College receive a 10% tuition discount through the Family/Ministry Support Bursary. The following groups of students are eligible for the grant:

  • Students with a sibling, spouse, or dependent attend Vanguard College of Edmonton full-time.
  • Students who have been in the Christian ministry for two consecutive years before starting studies at the college. Such students must also plan to return to the ministry after completing their studies.
  • Students with one or both parents are active participants in ministry, whether as full-time pastors or missionaries.
  • Students with one or both parents as alumni of Vanguard College of Northwest Bible College. Parents may have taken certificates, diplomas, or degree courses.
  • Students who have been serving at a POOC AB AWT district church for at least one year before attending Vanguard College.

Housing Bursary

First-year Vanguard College of Edmonton students who will be living in student housing for that session are eligible for the Housing Bursary. Students must apply early to increase their chances of being eligible for the bursary, which is determined by the number of slots that are available. The Housing Bursary will provide $1500 to recipients.

The Out of Province Bursary

New Vanguard College of Edmonton students who must relocate to Vancouver to begin their studies are eligible to receive this bursary. One thousand dollars will be awarded to eligible students.

Vanguard College of Edmonton Entrance Scholarship

Students who achieve an average of 75% in five subjects in the 12th grade can apply for the $1,000 Vanguard College Entrance Scholarship. Students must have met the requirements for admission, submitted an application to study at the college, and completed the scholarship and bursary application form for the semester they are entering (fall or winter) in order to be eligible for this scholarship.


The following 12th grade subjects qualify for the scholarship:

  • Language Arts Subjects
  • Subjects in Maths or Science
  • Subjects in Social Sciences or Fine Arts

Students are to have an average of 75% in at least one of each category and any other two subjects.

Documents Required to Apply for Financial Aid at Vanguard College of Edmonton

At Vanguard College, in order to be eligible for any financial aid, students must submit the following:

The application for scholarships and bursaries.
An interim or final transcript must be included in subsequent applications for admission.
confirmation letters attesting to the students’ ministerial status in their church. If students are interested in the Family/Ministry Support Bursary, this is important.
Additionally, Vanguard College students have access to private scholarships, Alberta Student Aid, Saskatchewan Scholarships and Bursaries, and other forms of non-public financial aid.

The Alberta Student Aid

Alberta residents who are pursuing postsecondary education regularly receive financial assistance from the Canadian Provincial Government. Excellent academic performance, athletic participation, leadership and volunteerism skills, citizenship, language proficiency, and other characteristics may qualify students for Student Aid Alberta. Scholarships, bursaries, grants, and loans are other forms of financial aid offered by Alberta Student Aid. Among them are:

Alberta Athletic Award


The Alberta Citizenship Award consists of three distinct prizes to honor students’ contributions to voluntary and community service activities. These are the three distinct award programs:

A letter of praise is the Premier’s Citizenship Award.
The Award for Alberta’s Centennial The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Citizenship Medal Award will be given to 25 students for $2005. One medal and $5000 will be given to eight students.
Any and all awards must be presented by high schools. These students must demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities, perform devoted community service, and volunteer in meaningful activities.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Among all Alberta Student Aid scholarships, this is extremely popular. The $2,500 in financial aid is intended to recognize the commendable academic performance of new post-secondary school students while they are still in high school. It is intended for entrance students. Students who are citizens of Canada, permanent residents of Canada, or protected individuals are eligible to apply. Additionally, they must be Alberta residents or have a parent and common-law spouse who are.

Students who apply for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship automatically receive consideration for the following:

Rutherford Scholars Award, Mildred Rowe Weston Memorial Scholarship, and Ernest and Minnie Mehl Scholarship

General Eligibility Requirements for the Alberta Student Aid

Students must meet the following criteria to benefit from any form of financial assistance from the Provincial Government of Alberta:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person. Students may need to provide relevant documents to prove this.
  • Be a resident of Alberta with permanent resident status for the past 12 months or have a parent or common-law partner who has been a resident of Alberta for the past 12 months.
  • Must remain a resident of Canada throughout the period for which the financial aid is accountable or should have a parent or common-law partner who will remain a resident of Alberta.
  • Must be a student in a post-secondary institution.

Full-time students of Vanguard College of Edmonton can apply for the scholarship with their high school transcript. Students who are selected will receive $2,500.

For further inquiries on financial aid at Vanguard College of Edmonton, students may contact:

Vanguard College

12140 103 Street NW

Edmonton, Alberta

T5G 2J9

Telephone: (780) 452-0808


Toll-Free: 1-866-222-0808



 In conclusion, students looking to make an investment in their future should consider Vanguard College Edmonton, Canada. For those who require additional assistance in order to realize their educational goals, there are options for financial aid, such as loans and grants. If you want to have access to Vanguard College’s high-quality education, you must take advantage of these opportunities.










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