Fluid Simulation and Face Warp – Magic Anti Stress Modded Apk

Fluid Simulation and Face Warp - Magic Anti Stress Modded Apk

Fluid Simulation and Face Warp – Magic Anti Stress Modded Apk

Fluid Warp: Fluid simulation to liquify your photo.
Fluid Warp uses a physics simulation (magic fluids sim), powered by computational fluid dynamics, to photo warp or face warp your image. A liquid image warping app.

It’s hilarious photo fun on portraits – and cats! (or animals in general). Make your friends happy with crazy distorted pictures. Create hilarious funny faces from pictures from the gallery. Or take a selfie and start editing: Stretch arme, let your eyes flow out, add a fat smile and create crazy caricatures.

The look and feel is hard to describe, it’s an oddly satisfying anti stress experience. Just watch the video – or better: Install the warping app! You could say it\’s an image editor or photo editor. A funny, sometimes bizarre warp filter or effect is added to the image – the picture is liquid. Sounds stupid, but it’s a nice anti stress and anxiety relief.

Usage and features:
🥴 Take a photo with the camera or load a picture from the gallery
💧 Face warp by moving your fingers
🥴 Tap once to pause the liquid simulation
💧 Tap twice to reset
🥴 Relief stress and entertain yourself
💧 Share your image on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
🥴 Save the photo
💧Fluid simulation is powered by a high performance code based on computational fluid d ynamics
🥴 Want to have a slime simulation? Load and liquify a slime picture!
💧 Use it on portraits for a deformed face app
🥴 The usage possibilities are endless – Want an asmr app? Just load the right photo!

⭐️ Too slow? Try reducing the image resolution in the settings. This does not influence the export quality.
⭐️ Play a bit around with the settings to find the best one for you
⭐️ There are several options to influence the fluid sim. Different types of magic fluids can be simulated. From goo or slime like to fine grained water simulation.

What does the upgrade do?
💗 Remove all ads
💗 Without banner, some pictures are shown larger
💗 Share and save always use high quality
💗 Higher liquid simulation resolutions possible
💗 No watermark on exported warping photo

Do you like the fluid simulation? Please rate this face warp and photo warp app.
Do you have some cool ideas and want them added? Maybe more slime pictures or stickers? A different physics simulator? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with rorodevelop@gmail.com

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