Fret Trainer – Learn the Fretboard Mod Apk

Fret Trainer - Learn the Fretboard Mod Apk

Fret Trainer – Learn the Fretboard Mod Apk

Fret Trainer is the ultimate educational game to learn the notes and chords on the fretboard of the guitar and other stringed instruments. There are 6 instruments available to practice on:

5-String Bass

Choose your instrument and pick one of the many games available to you to practice the fretboard until you have mastered every fret and every chord pattern.

Customize your experience by selecting which section of the fretboard you want to practice on. Practice the first frets, a section in the middle, or the entire fretboard.

Many games are available. Choose how you want to train. Learn by simply matching random notes with the fret on the fretboard, or try something different with the Color Matching game!

Learn and master all kinds of chord patterns on the guitar with the Name Chord game. Choose which chords you want to practice on any section of the fretboard, and go at your own pace. You will learn to identify any chord pattern very quickly!

Learn how to quickly read notes on a staff in the Staff game. Choose whatever section of the staff you want to practice on, choose the staff type, and start training!

Or master the fretboard and staff at the same time in the Staff and Fretboard game. Select a fret on the fretboard that matches a note on the staff!

Explore scales on the fretboard of your instrument with the Scale Explorer game. Choose a root note, pick one of the 63 different scales available, and start memorizing your scale. Change the color of the notes on the fretboard to identify intervals easier.

View your progress as statistics are logged for each instrument, tuning, and fret. A heat-map is used to show your progress. Share your progress with your friends!

More games and features to come!


– 6 different instruments available to master!
– Explore any of the 63 musical scales with any root note while customizing the scale how you want!
– Train any section of the fretboard. Choose any range of frets that you want.
– Learn and master many kinds of chords on any section of the guitar with any tuning! From simple major and minor triads, to more complicated patterns like diminished sevenths!
– Use the Staff game to learn the position of notes on the musical staff. Learn to read music!
– Follow your progress by viewing your fretboard heat-map. Each fret has its own statistics.
– Common tunings included for every instrument, or add your own.
– Compete with your friends on Game Center or share your fretboard heat-map with them.
– Left-handed mode is available as well.

This version of the application comes with free access to train the first few frets of each instrument. Each instrument can be fully unlocked via in-app-purchases.


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