Getting Health Insurance for Students in Canada

Getting Health Insurance for Students in Canada

The majority of provinces offer free health cards to Canadian Designated Learning Institution students, in contrast to other temporary visitors. Students who are not eligible for insurance have a choice of private insurance companies.

What is Health Insurance?

The term “health insurance” refers to coverage that typically covers the cost of the insured’s medical bills, doctor visits, some prescription drugs, and occasionally dental costs. Consider purchasing individual health insurance for international students if you intend to study in Canada. Having health insurance for the duration of your program is essential.

Even though Canada’s free healthcare system is well-known around the world, not all international students who attend Canadian schools have access to health insurance.

Due to the fact that the health care plans in Canada vary from province to province, international students who intend to study there should familiarize themselves with the health care options available in his or her proposed study province. While most provinces require students to enroll in private health insurance plans, only a small number of them cover international students through provincial health insurance plans.


However, some institutions still demand that students registers with schools’ health insurance plan, others make it optional and students may even decide to decline to register as long as they have a health insurance plan.

Normally, the insurance plan will offer flexibility and freedom, covering all medical needs, emergency health needs, surgery, and other expensive in-patients treatment. Medical evacuation, rehabilitation treatment, and hospital accommodation are also covered in many health insurance packages.


Why Do I Need Health Insurance as International Student?

A health insurance plan for international students is absolutely necessary. You’ll agree that studying abroad can be entertaining and rewarding, especially when you’re away from home and your parents; You meet new friends, learn new languages and cultures, discover your new surroundings, and engage in whatever piques your interest.


However, living and traveling in a foreign country come with their own unique set of challenges, such as the possibility of experiencing an unanticipated stomach ache as a result of a diet change or even a more serious risk such as being involved in a fatal accident. To cover all of these medical emergencies, you need health insurance.

Benefits of International Student Health Insurance

Securing health insurance for international students comes with a number of advantages. You won’t have to worry about paying those high hospital bills for a long time if you have good health insurance. In addition, the amount you pay is negligible in comparison to the cost of not having health insurance.

Canadian Magnetic Imagining, for instance, estimates that a single MRI scan could set you back between $900 and $2,400 CAD. You will pay much less if you have good health insurance. Pre-existing injuries, sports-related injuries, mental health issues, maternity expenses, hospitalization, and prescriptions are frequently covered by international student health insurance.


Because students are typically young and in good health, their premiums are typically lower than those of older people. Plans are more affordable for you. In addition, these premiums can be divided up and paid over the course of your stay.

How Much Is Student Health Insurance in Canada?

International students studying in Canada are eligible for free health insurance in the majority of provinces. Health insurance is required for visitors and students who are not covered by free healthcare plans, as mandated by Canadian postsecondary institutions. The cost of international students’ health insurance in Canada varies by province and location, as well as by insurance provider.

According to the Canada Insurance Plan, the average annual premium for health insurance covers costs between $600 and $900 CAD. For health insurance, foreign students and visitors could approach the following insurance providers or businesses:

  • Manulife Financial;
  • TuGo;
  • Sun Life;
  • Ingle International;
  • Cowan Insurance Group;
  • Greenshield.
  • Allianz Global;

The insurance packages from these companies include some common benefits (however, the limit of each benefit varies from plan to plan) such as:

  • Physician charges;
  • Private nurse;
  • Trauma counseling;
  • Medical appliances;
  • Treatment of dental accident;
  • Prescription drugs;
  • Paramedical services;
  • Diagnostic services;
  • Psychiatric treatment.
  • Hospital expenses and accommodation;

How to Apply for Student Health Insurance in Canada?

Each province in Canada has its own set of health insurance policies and rules. Foreign students are also covered by health insurance in some provinces of Canada.

If you have been accepted to a university or college in one of these provinces, you must apply for health insurance by going to the website of that province, filling out an application, and paying the premium.

However, if a province does not offer student health insurance, you may be required to purchase a private overseas health insurance plan before leaving for Canada.

In this scenario, you will need to get in touch with an insurance company, select the plan or package that best suits your needs, complete an extensive application, pass a medical exam, and pay the premium.


Top 5 Schools that offer student health insurance in Canada

If you are interested in studying in Canada, there are some post-secondary schools that offer a variety of healthcare plans. Below are some schools in Canada that offer special health coverages to their students.

#1. McGill International Student Health Insurance

Mcgill University, a public institution in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is well-known for its outstanding contribution to scientific research.


McGill is one of the DLIs with a COVID-19 readiness plan that has been approved. McGill International Health Insurance (IHI) coverage, which is organized and administered by International Student Services, is mandatory for all foreign students and their accompanying dependents.


Upon registering for the fall and winter semesters at Mcgill, all foreign students are subject to an annual IHI fee of $1,118.

#2. UBC student health insurance

For the duration of their programs, all international students at the University of British are strongly encouraged to have health insurance, both basic and extended. The BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) is the basic health care program run by the provincial government.

This program is open to anyone who has lived in the province of British Columbia for at least six months, with the exception of students who already have health insurance from another province or territory in Canada.

If you arrive in the province without MSP or another provincial health plan coverage and plan to remain there for at least six months, you should immediately enroll in MSP. You must ensure that you have basic health insurance for the first three months of your MSP coverage in British Columbia because there is a three-month processing period before coverage begins.


#3. Saskatchewan university student health insurance

In order to provide undergraduate and graduate international students with health and dental insurance, the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union collaborated with the health and dental insurance provider Studentcare. Some undergraduate students need to apply for the plan, while others are automatically enrolled.

The cost of the plan is included in the cost of your tuition if you are covered by default. Check your tuition statements or go to to see if you are automatically covered.

#4. BCIT Student health insurance

Throughout the duration of their program at BCIT, all international students are required to have access to basic medical insurance.’s private medical insurance must be purchased by students. Insurance from companies outside of Canada is not accepted by the school.

#5. Seneca college international student health insurance

You are required to have health insurance as a full-time international student at Seneca College as part of your tuition. Depending on when the program begins, you will be included in the health insurance plan by default.

At the beginning of each semester, you are expected to pay any outstanding balance. Services like eye exams, diagnostic laboratory and x-ray services, emergency services, and dental care in the hospital are covered by your health insurance in Ontario. Doctor services and accommodation on a hospital ward are also covered by the coverage.

Prescription drugs and paramedical services like psychologists and physiotherapists are covered. This plan also provides limited out-of-province and out-of-country emergency coverage.

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Health insurance in Canada for international students varies from one province to another, and it also depends upon the insurance firm. As per the Canada Insurance Plan, the average yearly premium for securing health insurance ranges from $600 CAD to $900 CAD.
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