Guess Character: Quiz & Test Mod Apk

Guess Character: Quiz & Test Mod Apk

Guess Character: Quiz & Test Mod Apk

Hey! Do you like to play quizzes? Playing Guess character immerse yourself in the world of famous characters. Guess the name of the character from the photo. Check how well you know famous characters. Try to guess the names of all the famous characters featured in our Guess character game. Complete all levels! In the game Guess character you will find over 500 different characters and with each update we are increasing their number.

Guess character game features:
★ Over 500 character names to guess.
★ Unique photo characters from USA, UK, Australia and other countries.
★ Photos of characters in high quality.
★ Complete many exciting levels.
★ The difficulty of the Guess character game grows as you progress through the quiz.
★ Invite your friends and compete with them.
★ Earn points and unlock new levels.
★ 4 photo 1 word mode.
★ Play for free anytime one of the most popular quizzes in the world.

We are constantly improving our game. Stay tuned for updates! If you have ideas for improving our celebrity game, write your wishes in the comments and we will implement your idea!


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