Guide for PUBG Mobile | 2021 Mod Apk

Guide for PUBG Mobile | 2021 Mod Apk

Guide for PUBG Mobile | 2021 Mod Apk

This is not a game.
An app that provides information about the game.
So, the goal is to provide information rather than provide pleasure.

Here you will find all the information about their weapons, armor, accessories, throwables, everything …

On the other hand, you will be able to consult the damage of each of the weapons and calculate it on the dummie equipped with these armors. And see, for example, the amount of hits or the damage you need to eliminate the enemy.

◉ Provide Map information
◉ Provides information on the area where vehicles appear.
◉ Provide a shared map with friends
◉ Provides distance calculation, route drawing.

◉ Game information
◉ It provide weapon information
◉ It provide item information
◉ It provides a damage calculator

◉ Let’s play with this Guide Now !

– Is it hard to play Battleground?
– Do you want useful tip?
– Do you want to share game information with people?
– Do you want to share and draw map with friends?

Do not worry, this app will help you improve the knowledge and skills of the game.

* This application has nothing to do with the game developers.
* This application is NOT a hack, it does NOT modify or violate the game systems.
* This application is for personal and entertainment use.
* This app is purely for entertainment and informational. This app has no affiliation with Tencent Games.

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