Heavy Truck Driving Simulator New Mod Apk

Heavy Truck Driving Simulator New Mod Apk

Heavy Truck Driving Simulator New Mod Apk

Truck games are determined to spend the year 2022 behind the wheel! With the truck simulator, you will drive through difficult roads, forests, long highways and landscapes that you will never get bored of watching!

Truck driving games are the favorite games of those who want to spend exciting times on the roads. This truck driving game invites you to a unique adventure! The story of each of the exciting and increasingly difficult parts is unique!

We want you to imagine that you are in the seat of the giant trucks you see outside! Here we have designed a 3D truck game so that you can fully realize this dream. The 3D truck game is dazzling with its high graphics! Moreover, all these high graphics are accompanied by low storage size!

Be careful while transporting cargo with a truck! Difficult roads are waiting for you and you should not lose sight of safety while cornering on these roads, even when driving on straight roads! There are loads in the trailer of your truck and these loads can be damaged in case of an accident! If the charges are damaged, you can complete the mission with few points or not.

Good news for those looking for steering truck games! The truck control panel of our game is exactly the same as the control panel of real trucks! We are sure that those looking for realistic truck games will love our game! You will be able to control your vehicle with the gear pedal, accelerator pedal, gear and steering wheel.

You can drive a truck without internet! We thought that internet should not be a requirement for driving a truck and we designed a truck game without internet! Even when you don’t have internet, your big truck is waiting for you!

Get ready to travel the world! Loads behind the truck, you behind the wheel! Prove how good you are a truck driver! The dream of being a truck driver accompanies some people throughout their lives, and this is where truck games come into play. With truck games, you will realize your dreams even in a simulation. You will not say that you have not had the experience of driving a truck.

We said we should never compromise on quality and equipped the new truck game with graphics worthy of 2022.

Dozens of different truck models! You may get bored of traveling with the same truck all the time, but don’t worry about it, because we have dozens of truck models. You can choose any of these truck models and make your journeys with it. Here is the only detail you need to pay attention to; new truck models are locked and we don’t charge you to unlock them! You can unlock new truck models with the points you earn from the missions you complete in the game. Everything is more fun with free truck games!