History Quiz : knowledge New Mod Apk

History Quiz : knowledge New Mod Apk

History Quiz : knowledge New Mod Apk

Install the application History. Quiz. Many tests – this is an entertaining game where you need to answer questions, guess the right answers, gain new knowledge and learn interesting facts!

History. Quiz. Many tests:

◾️ A free, smart app to test your knowledge of history!
◾️ More than 2000 questions!
◾️ Simple and intelligible interface!
◾️ Questions include all History topics!
◾️ Ability to choose the topic you are interested in!
◾️ A great way to relax and exercise your memory!
◾️ Interesting facts on the topic of our planet and history!

World history, huh? There’s just so much that has happened over the many millennia that this planet has existed for (and we’re not even talking about the time dinosaurs roamed if you believe in the Big Bang thing, that is). We’re talking about the time when man existed and was intelligent enough to start making records of his doings, inventions, and even crimes. Do you think you can answer these questions about the world’s history?👈

We’re going to ask you the creator of the printing press and when the first ‘modern’ Olympic games were held. We want to know what you know about the Cold War and if you know the names of the cities which suffered atomic bombings.

If you can’t answer these questions of this brief glimpse of our quiz, then we’re not sure you’ll be in the minority of people who can actually pass this test.

But if you want to try and if you call yourself a history buff, go ahead and give this quiz a whirl.

History is filled with interesting facts, characters, and events. Test your knowledge in this category on topics from pre-history through to today.

Fascinating facts and tantalizing tidbits of history from all over the world await, highlighting individuals, nations, conflicts.

You can study history or prepare for the exam and assess your level of
knowledge of history

The questions presented in the game cover all topics and key areas of

🏆 How to play:

◾️ Press the “PLAY” button and select a history category you are interested in!
◾️ Get coins for every correctly answered question!
◾️ Coins give you the opportunity to use the tips when passing the quiz!

🎲 Tips:

At the bottom of each question there are 2 tips that can increase your chances of a correct answer.

◾️ “50:50” – use this hint if you want to exclude 2 incorrect answers to the question.
◾️ “Reset Timer” – resets the time if you need to think more!

In this quiz you will find questions from the following categories:

◽️ Famous Dates
◽️ Civilizations
◽️ History of science
◽️ Archaeology
◽️ Prehistory
◽️ Ancient history
◽️ Middle Ages
◽️ Age of Discovery
◽️ Modern history
◽️ Contemporary history
◽️ Space exploration
◽️ Crusades
◽️ Napoleonic wars
◽️ First World War
◽️ Second World War
◽️ Vietnam war
◽️ Cold war
◽️ Disasters.

And also a lot of interesting facts about the world!
This is a very addicting history game!

History. Quiz. Many tests – a quiz for those who want to study history.
Have fun and you will have the opportunity to improve your general knowledge and memory!




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