How can kids make money? Best 20 Legit Ways to Earn While Young

How can kids make money? Best 20 Legit Ways to Earn While Young

Like everyone else today, kids can also make money. However, they must locate a legitimate occupation. Therefore, the primary concern is, “How can kids make money?” How can children legally earn money? Fortunately, earning money does not require employment. Kids, on the other hand, can make money doing what they enjoy.

The legal working age in Canada is 14 years old. Sadly, some provinces enacted legislation requiring children under the age of 16 to work. However, your child can earn money without working for a company.

Once they have access to the internet and a smartphone, your children can continue to work from home and earn some money. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your kids while they are at work.

Furthermore, having your child work has numerous advantages. It will first force them to shoulder financial responsibility. Most importantly, it may lessen the financial strain on the parents.

Let’s now examine a list of legal ways for kids to earn money in Canada.

Best 20 legit ways to earn while young in Canada

If you are still bothered about how kids can make money in Canada, our list of the best 20 ways to make money as a kid will be helpful. So, you can pick one of the ways for kids. However, many kids have different passions. Therefore, you must consider what your kid like doing before you can choose from our list.

#1. Blogging

You may wonder while blogging is on top of the list. Have you imagined your kid as a blogger, teaching many people what they don’t know? The only hindrance is passion. Thus, your kid must have a passion for the niche. Otherwise, you have to choose another field.

Blogging is something anyone can do, including kids. Moreover, there are a lot of topics for kids in blogging. Some of the ways to make money as a blogger include the following:

#2. Set up a lemonade stand as a child to make money. Everyone loves lemonade, and kids can take advantage of that. And what’s more, you ask? It’s simple to set up. Additionally, it is not expensive. As a result, starting a lemonade stand can be very profitable for any child who is enthusiastic and dedicated.

However, since it assists passersby in quenching their thirst, summer is the best time to use it. A few chairs, a table, a water container, and some lemonade packs are all you need to set up a lemonade stand in Canada. You can now proceed.

#3. Earn money as a freelancer. These days, nearly all children own smartphones, which they can use to earn money as children. Therefore, kids are increasingly turning to freelance work. Additionally, becoming a freelancer is fairly simple. You only need to be passionate, and freelancer websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and many others can help you find work. Writing blog posts, editing existing articles, and designing websites are all possibilities.

However, in order to create an account on some websites, you must be 18 years old. Nevertheless, companies like Fiverr permit 14-year-olds to set up profiles as freelancers.

#4. Kids can work for their family business to earn money. If you run a family business in Canada, you can hire your kids to do low-paying jobs to make money. However, their working hours must be limited. In addition, their work hours shouldn’t conflict with their school hours. Additionally, not all Canadian provinces permit children to work. As a result, you need to look at the laws in your area to see what they say about child labor.

#4. Recycling soda No children should be making money online. You can also try things offline. Picking up and selling used soda cans, for instance, can be very profitable. However, you must first locate a location to sell them. These soda cans, which are recycled by most scrap yards, are needed. As a result, you can pick them up from the sidewalks and sell them for money. To sell soda cans, you probably don’t need to have any special skills.

#5. Earn money as a child by walking dogs or taking care of pets. Kids who love animals can take care of pets or walk dogs, especially for neighbors. Dogs and other pets are like people. As a result, their owners look for children who are able to care for their pets when they are not present. You could work as a dog walker or pet sitter for your neighbors. But naturally, you can do what you enjoy and make money at the same time. And doing this can be fun.

#6. Make money washing cars as a kid.Who doesn’t want their cars to be neat? It costs a lot to buy and maintain a car. As a result, car owners take every precaution to maintain their vehicles. Kids can also wait in line to take advantage. Your neighbors probably need neat cars because they have them. Therefore, as a child, why not offer your services and earn money while washing cars?

#7. Run errands for older people

You can run errands or older folks as a kid. However, you have to be strong to do this. In addition, you must have your bicycles and skateboards. Some errands include delivering laundry and going to the post office and malls.

Having a phone will help you to contact your clients. It will also help your parents to know where you are. To create awareness, you can print flyers.

#8. Giving computer lessons to other kids

You can monetize your computer skill as a kid. Instead of teaching other kids for free, you can charge them for your services. That way, you can make money as a kid in Canada. Some skills you can teach other kids include excel, coral draw, and coding.

#9. Developing apps with your smartphone

Tech-savvy kids can take advantage of the smartphone industry by developing apps. You can make some apps for android and IOS and make money from them if they are good.

#10. Rake up leave and shovel snow for neighbors

During Autumn, most trees shed their leaves. And this is an opportunity for kids who want to make money. You can pick up leaves for your neighbors and get paid.

During winter, older kids can shovel snow for their neighbors. They can also trim the lawns, water the flowers, and pull off weeds in the yards.

#11. House sitting

When your neighbors are on vacation, you can look after their house to make money as a kid. Your task is simple. You make the compound a little busy. Keep the house neat, take care of the pets and go to the post office if there is any mail. You can start by letting your neighbors know you are available by printing fliers.

#12. Become a YouTuber and make money as a kid in Canada

There is no limit to who can become a YouTuber. All you have to do is to pick a niche popular to you. Setting up a youtube account is also easy, and you don’t need any skills to do that. You can even ask your parents to open an account for you.

Utilize your talent on YouTube to earn money if you have any. You can join the many kids who are making a lot of money on YouTube.

#13. One of the most lucrative ways for kids to make money is to clean houses. However, when many kids look for things to do, they don’t often consider it. On the other hand, many people are willing to spend a lot of money to have their homes cleaned.

You can dust the louvers, mop the tiles, and clean the chairs as a housekeeper.

#14. Sell baked goods Everyone consumes food on a daily basis. As a result, friends can buy candies and other baked goods from kids who want to make money. You can use social media to seel, so it doesn’t have to be done in person. To empower their children, parents can even create small websites. Kids can make more money and reach a wider audience by doing this.

#15. Sell dog treats because Canadians adore dogs. Additionally, this presents a chance for hardworking children to earn money. You can begin supplying dog owners with treats.

Kids can look for the best dog treats online and tell their friends about them. They can also replicate those treats and make a lot of money selling them to their neighbors.

#16. Sell artwork to make money as a kid in Canada. A lot of kids are creative, and with the right training, they can turn their skills into a business. They can, however, begin by selling their artworks on Etsy first. Kids can make money by selling their paintings, drawings, and other creative works online.

#17. Share your expertise with other children Some children are more skilled than others. As a result, they can teach less talented children those skills and earn money. For instance, children have the ability to impart skills to other children. Music, coding, cooking, and art are among them.

#18. Play music and make money as a child. Do you have musical talent? After that, you can make money performing on stage. You can perform and attend events. You could start out for free. However, once you have performed on stage, you will eventually be compensated.

#19. Look for a regular job. In addition to working for your parents as a child, you can work in certain legal fields. Work can be done by children over the age of 14 as long as it does not interfere with their education. You could work in entertainment or agriculture, for instance.

However, if you meet the age requirement, you can work in restaurants, grocery stores, and retail establishments.

#20. Painting A house can be painted by anyone, even amateurs. They are able to help adults paint. The good news is that they will earn money as children while simultaneously saving a significant amount of money for others.

In conclusion, kids can easily earn money, especially online, if they have smartphones. They can, however, also earn money off the ground by performing a few tasks for their neighbors. Additionally, children over the age of 18 are permitted to work in Camada’s permitted industries. Therefore, knowing how to start making money will be beneficial.

As a result, kids can take advantage of any of the aforementioned job opportunities to earn money as kids without having to worry.


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