Internet Speed Wifi Speed Test Mod Apk

Internet Speed Wifi Speed Test Mod Apk

Internet Speed Wifi Speed Test Mod Apk

WIFI Network Analyzer is one of the useful handy WiFi Analyzer tools that is used to easily checkout network, increase connection speed & stability quickly.
Internet Speed test for mobile & WiFi internet connections
WIFI Scanner & Speed test app is absolutely free for all android devices. WiFi network analyzer app shows the IP address, signal percentage with the name of the currently connected WiFi network. WiFi speed test meter is used to measure the speed of uploading & downloading.
Internet speed test performance – Wifi speed test App
WIFI Scanner & Speed Test or WiFi signal strength meter used to measure the signal speed of WiFi & also used for WiFi channel assessment. WiFi Analyzer or WiFi security app makes it so easy to manage and maintain the wifi network for all android devices.
Wi-Fi speed checker and analyzer
WIFI Scanner & speed test or WiFi thief blocker app used to detect whose devices used my WiFi and protect by unknown devices by blocking the IP address of that device for security.
Key Features:
• Easily detect whose devices used my Wifi.
• Quickly Internet speed test & measure.
• Wifi analyzer tool or Analyze your wifi network.
• WiFi Signal Strength Meter.
• Easy to use / friendly GUI.
• WiFi Routers Details.
• WiFi List – Easily access Wifi list near.
• Ping – test internet speed and wifi information
• Wi-Fi security protection to your network.
• Easily Support 2.4GHz/5GHz.
• Can be copied MAC address, id address, or details.
• Channel graph & signals.
• Check the history of wifi speed detail.
Test internet speed and app performance
WIFI scanner & Speed Test app can easily scan currently Wifi and show list how many devices are connected to your wifi router with IP address & mac address.
Wifi speed tester and signal strength
The user just presses one tap then the speed test app automatically test internet speed & show accurate broadband result including wifi hotspot and other 4G,3G networks.
WIFI Scanner & Speed Test App
With the Wifi tester app, users can convert user android devices into a wifi analyzer & scanner that shows the wi-fi channels around them. It can inform the user about wifi signal strength and make the wifi signal better.

Easy to use speed test – Wifi Security protection free
Free wifi router master quickly finds your wifi strength to help the user find the exact location in real-time. A wifi scanner is used to optimize your wifi and turn your android device into a wifi analyzer quickly. WIFI scanner & speed test provide the channel & place for your network.
Network connectivity coverage graph
WIFI Scanner & Speed Test – WIFI scanner app allows graph presentation of visible networks depending on the signal strength and channel on which wifi network is currently working. And also a small list showing every visible wifi network below the graph.
Improving network connection – Wifi Details
With a WIFI scanner & speed test app users can select the most important network from the below list. The wifi examination tool provides you with the most optimization information to help the user decrease interference and also increase the connection speed and stability.
Free and fast internet speed test
WIFI Scanner & speed test app allows you to optimize their wifi network using a WIfi network analyzer by examining surrounding wifi networks as well as identifying crowded channels. Users can be able to view history details for download and upload speed with just one tap. The wifi channel shows all Wi-Fi networks near about in form of a graph.




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