Iron Kegel Trainer Exercises New Mod Apk

Iron Kegel Trainer Exercises New Mod Apk

Iron Kegel Trainer Exercises New Mod Apk

Kegel muscle exercises for men and women to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The training will only take a few minutes a day and you will see results in just 2 weeks. The workout plan consists of simple yet effective exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime.

Strong Kegel muscles are your guarantee of health. With our Iron Kegel exercises, you will strengthen your Kegel muscles with the following results:
⮕ For men 👨 better prostate health and avoid future incontinence problems 💥
⮕ For women 👩 strongly Kegel muscles reduce labor pain, shorten labor time, and speed up recovery after delivery 🤰
⮕ Increased sexual satisfaction and therefore higher self-confidence 💪
⮕ More control over your body during intimate moments 🔥

We care about your privacy.
• The app has a discreet icon. Even if someone looks at your phone, they won’t know what the Iron Kegel app is for.
• You can mute the app and turn off the vibration at any time. You train discreetly, where you want and when you want.
• The appearance of the application has been designed so that when training with us, everything is at the highest level of discretion.

Benefits for men and women
• In the Iron Kegel app, the workout plan adjusts for men and women.

Don’t know how to train?
• No worries! – The app gives you instructions on how to locate and feel your Kegel muscles.

Regular pelvic floor muscle training.
• Regular training reminders so you remember to train. You can adjust if you want to receive notifications about the exercises.
• Thanks to notifications you will keep your Kegel muscle training regular and you will see the effects quickly.

Measure your workout progress.
• In the Iron Kegel app, you can measure your workout progress at any time. With the built-in timer, you’ll measure exactly how your Kegel muscle strength is increasing.
• The results from your measurements are recorded on a graph that clearly shows how quickly your pelvic floor muscle strength is increasing.

Personal Kegel Muscle Training – how will Iron Kegel help you? .
• Know when to train.
• With our instructions you will learn where your Kegel muscles are and how to train them.
• The difficulty of the exercises increases gradually, and you can adjust it individually for yourself.
• Voice instructions and vibrations will make your training easier.

Why is Kegel muscle training so important?
Regular exercise can help you avoid problems with urinary incontinence. In addition, by training your pelvic floor muscles you will gain better control during sexual intercourse.

For women, Kegel muscles play a very important role during pregnancy and childbirth – with strong pelvic floor muscles, women have a much better time during childbirth.

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for stabilizing the spine. By training the Kegel muscles you eliminate postural defects and the accompanying back pain.

Iron Kegel is a simple and effective Kegel muscle training program that will improve your sex life, improve your health, and prepare you for childbirth. The app is free to download.


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