Life of Golden Eagle: Falcon Wildlife Simulation Mod Apk

Life of Golden Eagle: Falcon Wildlife Simulation Mod Apk

Life of Golden Eagle: Falcon Wildlife Simulation Mod Apk

Eagle Life Simulation Amazing facts about Eagle: Eagles are some of the largest birds. They are at the top of the food chain.Some species of eagle feed on big prey like monkeys and sloths. Eagles have amazing eyesight and can detect their prey up to two miles away.

‘Eagle Life Simulation’ brings you a simulation of the golden eagle soaring through the forests of the Northern Hemisphere where it’s one of the best-known birds of prey. Let’s just say that you get to spend a day or days in the life of a golden eagle and not just that… You also get to direct the golden eagle’s quests which include exploring wildlife and catching prey like rabbits, marmots and ground squirrels.Another fun fact about golden eagles: They have been known to attack full grown deer.

The golden eagle starts its journey in the forests of the Northern Hemisphere. Every morning, the golden eagle wakes up, bright and early and goes on quests. Its first quest involves building its nest. The flying eagle goes in search of materials to build its nest. It tries to find grass, yarns, straws etc in order to get its nest ready. Once the nest is nice and ready, it goes on more quests. Each level comes with a new quest for example, the hungry eagle goes in search of food, spots its target and in an attack that is nothing but deadly, the flying eagle catches and devours its prey. Once the hungry eagle sets its eyes on its prey, there is really nothing that can rescue the poor thing from the golden eagle’s mighty claws. The prey is a range of animals including rabbit, sparrow, crow and sometimes even a deer.In order to get to the next level, all previous levels need to be cleared.

The golden english eagle lives in the wild, open moorlands and mountains of england & Scotland, favouring islands and remote glens. Best looked for soaring high over hillsides in the Scottish Highlands.

Salient Features of ‘Eagle Life Simulation’:
❖Eagle life simulation game;
❖Multiple levels;
❖Different quest on each level;
❖Stunning lush green environment;
❖No WiFi No Problem

Its a bird simulation game about life of eagle

So buckle up and go on an amazing safari-like experience in the forests of the Northern Hemisphere by playing the best bird simulator game of 2018 . Spread your wings, soar high in the sky along with your golden eagle, accompany the eagle on quests to hunt and catch its prey and have an amazing fun filled adventure. Good Luck and Happy Playing 🙂

Its a free for all game with the inclusion of third party advertising.

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