Little Panda’s Truck Team Modded Apk

Little Panda's Truck Team Modded Apk

Little Panda’s Truck Team Modded Apk

A group of monster vehicles in the city transforms into trucks to help residents when they run into trouble. Now they are given a new task. Let’s set off with them!

Train stations, amusement parks, large villas… Various buildings are waiting to be constructed! Join the truck team and expand the city together with them! Renovate a swimming pool and assemble a ferris wheel. You can have fun with building here!

Workers are trapped in a collapsed factory, and a car has fallen into a pit… The residents urgently need the help of the truck team. Are you ready? Rescue the workers and lift the car out of the pit. Be a hero of the city!

The tasks have been completed. Don’t forget to inspect and repair the trucks! Give them a wash, and replace their tires with cool-looking ones. Then, give them new spray paints. Yellow, red, purple… Pick colors that suit them and showcase your painting skills!

Do you want to try many more fun activities? Come and join the truck team!

– Six types of trucks, such as an excavator and a crane, are looking forward to meeting you.
– The trucks have their own personalities and images, creating memorable and fun stories.
– Twelve tasks for you to experience: Constructing an amusement park, a factory rescue…
– Fun quizzes and truck illustrations, helping you gain knowledge on trucks.

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