MCQ Question Answer – SabQuiz New Mod Apk

MCQ Question Answer - SabQuiz New Mod Apk

MCQ Question Answer – SabQuiz New Mod Apk

SabQuiz is the quiz study app for mcq practice. Either you are studying or searching for a job. This mcq test app will boost your knowledge about your field of study.

It is the online mcq test app for competitive exams like UGC NET, GATE, JEE Mains and other technical and government exams. You can call it exam preparation app too.

Quiz questions of all subjects are available in this educational app. SabQuiz not only provides quiz for competitive exam but it is also a quiz app for general knowledge or gk. Here you will get festival quizzes too, that is current affairs quizzes.

Some of the educational MCQ quiz categories are listed below
– Quantitative Aptitude
– World Knowledge GK
– Countries and Capitals(All Countries)
– Psychology
– History for NET
– Geography
– Biology
– Sociology NET
– Indian Philosophy
– Economics for NET exam
– EVS Quiz (Environmental Studies)
– Operating System
– Digital Logic
– C Language
– Physics for JEE Mains
– USA States Capitals
– NCERT Class 10 Science

This MCQ app is different from all the learning apps online. First of all, this is AD FREE quiz app. No ads disturb you anywhere when you are playing with SabQuiz.

This quiz app is designed especially for those who are preparing for multiple exams at the same time. This app is also available in Hindi. You can enjoy Dark Mode Feature in this MCQ quiz app too. This app is also called Sab Quiz.

It may be a quiz creator app because here you can create quiz shelf for multiple exams and save it in your Quiz Library. You can add subjects in each shelf according to your exam syllabus. That’s why you get and practice all necessary quizzes in one application.

We hope it will be the useful educational app for students to practice MCQ quiz, and you all would like this multiple choice questions app. Thank you!

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