Mechanic Jon – Car & Truck Repair Shop New Mod Apk

Mechanic Jon – Car & Truck Repair Shop New Mod Apk

Mechanic Jon – Car & Truck Repair Shop New Mod Apk

From car repair, car wash to car makeover, mechanic Jon will do everything you ask for. Your crashed car or truck will be all new again. With plenty of tools in the garage you can change any cars like racing cars, limousine, truck, monster car, taxi, vintage car, SUV, family car, cop’s car, etc. This is indeed a coolest mechanic game or mechanic simulation game ever.

What is in this game?
This mechanic game has everything that a car needs. Pick up the car from the accident zone, roll up your sleeves to do a lot of work. You need to clean up those messy, muddy and rusty vehicles. Clean them, repair them and polish them. And at last you show some creativity with a tune-up and paint job.

Let’s roll up your sleeves and help Mechanic Jon in his job.

Get the wrecked car or truck from the accident zone.
Clean the dirty car with soap, sponge, brush and many pro tools of a garage.
Rinse the car with a car washer and dry it with a blower.

Weld the torn out metal and fix all the scratches on car with hammer and other tools.
Fix the flat tyres and fill up the empty gas tank just like the way you do at gas station.
Fix the engines by proper oiling and cleaning of wrecked engines.
Make a proper connection of electrical wirings and make the ignition smoother.
Scan the entire engine with scanner to check for any missed issues.
Do all the fixing of cars and trucks like a real mechanic master and use all the garage tools.

Paint or spray different parts of the car.
Replace the tyres with new one.
Add tattoos and graffiti to give your car a dashing look.
Change the cars’ chasis and bumper to make it more enticing.
You can even change the tinted wind shields to make your car look even more stylish.
To get funkier, try adding some shining headlights, accessories and police sirens.

A game for everyone who loves cars
Know car wash, repair and tuning up
A lot of tools, accessories, stickers and graffiti
Different types of cars like sports car, family car, monster car, police cars and much more
Have fun painting cars and trucks with lot of colors
Real mechanic tools
Real sound effects
Amazing graphics
Simple control and easy game play
Take a picture and share your innovative work to everyone

With Jon’s help, you will just make your car new again and drive a safe and dashing vehicle again.