Mechanism – Machinery Physics Simulation New Mod Apk

Mechanism - Machinery Physics Simulation New Mod Apk

Mechanism – Machinery Physics Simulation New Mod Apk

MECHANISM is a physics game where you have to set up simple mechanical structures to move the ball to the basket by using various kinematics laws and gravity.

Creativity is essential in the game play MECHANISM. You have to plan a creative structure to move the ball to the basket. For understanding the game play, tutorial and documented helps are also given.

As you will start to play this physics based puzzling game you will come to know that how to make a proper mechanism with the help of given objects to reach the ball to the basket. Levels can be solved in many ways.

The game play is having 4 interesting stages:-( Newbie level, Gear level, Spin’EM All, Pro attack ).
Each stage is having 10 different levels and some other stages are underdevelopment, they will be available very soon.


OVERVIEW- You have to make the ball reach to the basket by using provided objects like:- hammer, revolving rod, elastic wheel, nails etc.

PLAY- After placing the objects on canvas you have to touch the play button to simulate the physics and see if the ball goes to the basket.

SELECTING- Touch any movable object to select that object.

MOVING- Touch and drag any selected object to move it.

PIN- Activate the pin button by touching it, and then tap where one object overlaps the other one to pin them together.

UNPIN- Select the pinned object you want to unpin, then touch the unpin button to unpin it from every object.

ROTATING- You can rotate the objects to adjust there angles. Rotation buttons only be active when any object is selected.

TIPS- Objects can be pinned to the walls, gears or to the other objects. Revolving rod can not be rotated or pinned to other objects.

Note- At least 7 levels should be completed from current stage to unlock the next campaign.


-*- Share your achievements with your friends via Facebook.
-*- Makes you smart in strategical decisions.
-*- Four interesting worlds to keep you busy for the being time.
-*- Through each world, difficulty and number of mechanical objects are increased.
-*- Smooth controls

*** 20 new challenging level Added ***
*** Now play with most accurate physics N twist your mind ***
****Now lets try the updated version of the most tricky physics game MECHANISM. As you gave us feedback we have updated various changes according to your suitability (improved graphics quality, rotation bug fixed, minor bug fixes)***

You liked it?? Please give us feedback, the INFINITY STUDIO team will bring a perfect solution for you as soon as possible.