MotoVRX TV – Motorcycle GP Racing New Mod Apk

MotoVRX TV - Motorcycle GP Racing New Mod Apk

MotoVRX TV – Motorcycle GP Racing New Mod Apk

MotoVRX TV is an arcade style Motorbike GP track racing game for Android TV. It offers controlling your bike using standard gamepad, TV remote or using your RemotVRX App on your smartphone. Have fun on TV like never before.

MotoVRX takes the GP track racing genre to a whole new level by adding a first person view perspective, better graphics and AI bike physics. Select the bike that shows your style an with easy controls creates an energetic racing experience.

This amazing addictive arcade racing simulation experience features a real-world racing circuit track. MotoVRX 2019 edition sets a new standard for motorcyle racing games – you have to play it to believe it. A must have game for all motor bike riders!

Based on racing and overtaking bikes, this fast-paced gameplay has no limits except your racing skills! Race as fast as you can and make sharp overtakes.

A world of challenge, thrill, excitement and arcade fun on your road to be the best!. Prove yourself as the most experienced and competitive biker!. Android TV version from the creators of the real MotoVRX arcade VR Simulator machine.

Surpass maximum speed around the circuit. Ride the best Super Motorbikes and experience the racing adrenaline. Break the world records with your skills!

– Smooth and realistic bike racing
– Detailed racing track environment
– Different detailed bike 3D models to choose from
– Optimised smooth 3D graphics for Android TV
– First person camera view
– Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes
– Can play with TV Remote Controll
– USB/Bluetooth Gamepad Supported
– Use your smartphone (with RemoteVRX App) to controll the bike

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