Offline Survival Manual – Army Wilderness Guide New Mod Apk

Offline Survival Manual – Army Wilderness Guide New Mod Apk

Offline Survival Manual – Army Wilderness Guide New Mod Apk

Are you a survivalist, doomsday prepper, hiker, outdoor lover, or anyone who is interested to learn wilderness survival & bushcraft?

Download the Survival Guide & learn survival skills and knowledge based on the Army manual book for jungle survival and living off the grid.

Survival Guide can be downloaded and used offline so you can bring it with you anywhere in the world, even when there is no phone signal.

Everyone needs to do have some knowledge about survival in the wild.

You never know when the survival challenge comes!

Many people are worried about natural disasters, social unrest, and the anarchism that might happen.

Anarchism can turn even the most orderly society into chaos.

That’s why so many people want to learn about emergency preparations and bush craft so that when they have to leave the city and live off the grid and in the wilderness, they have sufficient survival skills.

You don’t have to be worried about anarchism or war to learn about wilderness survival.

This survival challenge guide is useful even if you are just looking for camping hacks or when you miss some of your camp equipment during your camping trips.

Just download and learn survival in the wild now. You will never know when you will come face to face with a survival challenge now.

=== Features of Survival Guide – Army Wilderness Survival Manual ===

• Based on Army Field Manual. We don’t talk nonsense. We use manual from the Army who have the expertise, knowledge, and experience about survival in wild, in the most extreme situations, seasons, and terrains.

• Emergency preparation. Even if you don’t consider yourself as a survivalist or doomsday prepper, you always have to prepare for emergency situations. Learn about Basic Medicine, First Aids, how to find direction when you are off the grid, and more. These are life-saving information that everyone must-have.

• Easy browsing & User Friendly. The content is divided into sections for easier browsing, especially when you really need it. Our app is also created to be very intuitive and easy to use for everyone. We do advise you to read and understand some of it before you go hungry and have to go foraging for food.

• Available offline. The content is available offline for obvious reasons: you will going to need the camping hacks info or the wilderness survival when you are off the grids and there is no signal available.

What you can learn:

– The psychology of surviving.
– Learn to build shelters if you don’t have access to camp equipment or a tent.
– Basic medicine and first aids
– First aid kids that everyone should know and have.
– How to find and purify water.
– Foraging, fishing, hunting, and finding food in the wilderness.
– Avoid poisonous plants and dangerous animals.
– Finding direction even without a map or compass.
– And other bushcraft & jungle survival skills that everyone must-have.

Survival in the wild is not easy. It is very daunting, psychologically and physically.

Prepare yourself to face any situation now. We are doing our best to guide you for emergency preparation, medicine, foraging, building shelter, making fire, and other bushcraft you must know even if you are not a doomsday prepper or survivalist.

You can also use our guides for your camping hacks on a family trips or when you face survival challenge during leadership or army training.


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