PackTeo – Travel Packing List Mod Apk

PackTeo - Travel Packing List Mod Apk

PackTeo – Travel Packing List Mod Apk

PackTeo is an application that helps you quickly and easily create packing lists for all kind of trips, journeys or holidays. It is very simple to use, however, it has multiple sets of features. In PackTeo, you can create packing lists using built-in templates, most-used items catalog, or generator that based on your preferences creates the most tailored list for a particular trip or holiday. Using PackTeo when packing your luggage, suitcase or backpack before your next trip will make sure you do not forget anything.

Key features:

• Unlimited number of trips

• Each trip contains:
– luggage packing list
– shopping list
– to-do list before leaving

• Multiple ways of adding new items to the list:
– single item
– list of items
– from template
– from catalog
– using generator

• Generator allows you to create packing list by specifying travel criteria such as:
– Destination: domestic, abroad
– Type: recreation, business, trekking, sightseeing
– People: male, female, child, infant
– Transport: air, public transport, car
– Accommodation: hotel, hostel, camping
– Weather: hot, warm, cold, rain
– Location: city, beach, mountains, water, desert, tropical
– Activities: cycling, kayaking, sailing, winter sports, climbing, diving, party, photography, running

• Built-in ready to use trip packing list templates:
– Basic things
– Camping
– Winter holidays
– High mountains
– Kayaking
– Cycling
– Water
– World trip
– Desert
– Tropical
– Mountains
– Together
– Abroad
– With kids
– Backpacking
– Sailing

• Built-in catalog of the most commonly packed items in the luggage (about 400 items)

• Every item on the list can be customized:
– Category
– Quantity
– Weight
– Note

• Copy / move items within trip / template

• Mass remove and modify quantity/category/note/weight of the listed items

• Category list view

• Share list with friends, e.g by SMS or mail

• Quick add bar for quickly adding items to the list

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