Personal Trainer – Workout, Exercises and Diets New Mod Apk

Personal Trainer - Workout, Exercises and Diets New Mod Apk

Personal Trainer – Workout, Exercises and Diets New Mod Apk

Personal Trainer App gives you access to fitness training, workouts, exercises, and diet plans to help you stay fit and healthy. It has daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. The app has the workout for abs, chest, triceps, glutes, shoulders, quads, neck, biceps, laps and hamstrings.

The app helps you to lose belly fat and get fit. Aerobic exercises help in burning calories and boosting metabolism which is covered in this app. So, follow the professional workout plans and improve your health with this app.

The app has belly fat burning exercises, fat loss methods, diet plans, abs workout, weight loss exercises, Hiit Workouts, weight reducing diet plans to help you achieve your goals.

You can also find different exercises for equipment groups – Dumbbell, Bench, Machine, KettleBells or even for No Equipment.

The app also has Effective “Personal Training” for the transformation of your body. These include plans which will help you in achieving your goals – getting a lean body, six-pack abs, building muscles, losing weight, etc. Follow these training and get in the desired shape.

Every exercise has a detailed guide with illustrative images. Step by Step instructions are given for every exercise. This workout app has Workouts designed for everyone – beginner level to advanced level.

The app also has BMR calculator (fat calculator).

If you want a private trainer for your gym routine or cardio routine, this app will help you. If you love bodybuilding or want a muscular body, follow the Athlete Workout Transformation training in this app.

Home Workout
If you don’t want to go to Gym or doesn’t have Gym equipment, the app has “No Equipment” exercises filtered. You can choose this and do the Home Workout or Workout at Home.

Multiple Exercises
Push-ups, squats, sit-ups, plank, lunges, jumping jacks, crunches, triceps dips, and lots more.

✓ Get stronger, leaner and healthier with your personal trainer.

✓ Lose weight, gain muscle, burn your fat and get fit.

✓ Stay healthy with different levels of workouts.

★ Workout anytime and anywhere.
★ Get Step by Step guide of every exercise listed.
★ Complete Fitness Workouts for every muscle group – Abs, Legs, Shoulders, Chest, and more.
★ No equipment workouts.
★ Fitness Training for body transformation
★ BMR Calculators and BMI Calculators
★ Best Diet Plans to reach your goal.
★ Online Store to buy Protein, Creatine and more!

This app is perfect for people looking for Personal Trainers or Professional Guidance.
We are on a mission to keep you fit. We are making improvements regularly to become the no. 1 fitness app. Help us improve our app by giving us suggestions and reviews. Tell us what features do you need in a workout app and we’ll try our best to implement it. Also, feel free to shoot us an email:


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