Picture Crossword Puzzle New Mod Apk

Picture Crossword Puzzle New Mod Apk

Picture Crossword Puzzle New Mod Apk

An Pics Crossword puzzle designed for all players. If you are new to crosswords and want to challenge yourself with crossword, it will be your best friend.

Picture crossword will be a great game if you want to enlarge your English vocabulary and practice them. There are different difficulty levels in picture crossword game .Available hints include showing a word in picture crossword.

New picture crossword is a kind of crossword game. Interesting crossword puzzle for free time to play and learn
Crossword puzzle is the best entertaining way to give your brain a daily workout. Play pictures crosswords puzzle few minutes by day helps you to improve your focus and logic skills. Pictures Crosswords are way more exciting than ordinary crosswords game. You need to find out what word is depicted in an image and write the word in the crossword.

Pictures crossword features:
– Clues are pictures!
– Friendly and optimized UI
– Top quality pictures
– free crossword game
– pictures per level
– each word has its own image that results in a pictures crossword made to relax and enjoyable for all ages.

Game instructions:
Find out the pictures that appears to you inside the boxes. Choose the letters accurately to know the name of the one in the pictures and your knowledge of the pictures per level will move to the next level of pictures crosswords puzzles.
When you play crosswords with pictures choose the word by letters horizontally or vertically to get the correct word.
If you want help during picture crossword puzzles, pressing the help button to appear the word of an images.

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