Psychic Mind Trainer ESP Modded Apk

Psychic Mind Trainer ESP Modded Apk

Psychic Mind Trainer ESP Modded Apk

Train your psychic mind and get the hidden skills of the brain.

You can make individual tests with zener cards or start with the trainer.

Zener Test:

– Take the test of 25 cards and discover your potential.
– Beat your own records.
– Compete against everyone in the world ranking.


– 24 levels.
– Progressive difficulty.
– Increase your psychic ability.
– Final Challenge 100 cards with a 100% hit.

The zener test consists of a deck of 25 cards composed of five shapes: circle, cross, square, star and waves.
It’s used in psychology to detect whether a person has psychic powers.
In the test take part two persons, a transmitter and a receiver.
The transmitter takes a zener card from the deck without showing it, should concentrate and send telepathic images to the receiver, who must guess what card is.

The overall average is 5 hit in the deck of 25 cards.

With the psychic coach you can train your psychic mind gradually to increase your power and know if you are clairvoyant.
The last level is 100 zener cards and you need to guess the 100 cards, if you succeed you will have a 100% psychic mind.
Are you a telepath?