Psychic Trainer Mod Apk

Psychic Trainer Mod Apk

Psychic Trainer Mod Apk

Psychic Trainer is a fun way to develop your natural intuition. Using the standard set of Zener cards, you can see just how intuitive you really are. The Zener cards were designed by Karl Zener in the 1930s, specifically for testing a person’s psychic ability and ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

** How It Works! **

1. Psychic Trainer randomly selects a symbol from the five Zener cards.

2. Allow your intuition to predict which card is selected.

3. Tap the card you are thinking of and find out if you were right!

** Keeping It Simple **

Psychic Trainer is a simple way to train your intuition and monitor your progress. Your current score is the number of correct guesses you have made in a row. If you get one wrong, this score resets to zero. But don’t worry, your best score will be saved and you can always have another go.

** A Little Help For Beginners **

Psychic Trainer offers you three difficulty modes to help you start your psychic practice. These modes control the hinting system that narrows down the range of possible cards, making it easier to choose.

“Easy” mode narrows your selection to just two cards. This is a perfect level for beginners who are just starting out on their psychic adventure. If you have never tested your intuition before, start here.

“Medium” mode offers you three cards. This is a little bit more difficult and is something to progress to when you are consistently identifying the hidden cards in “Easy” mode.

“Hard” mode is the true psychic test. No hints are given and you must use your psychic skills to reveal the value of the hidden card.

While Psychic Trainer is based upon existing methods of psychic development, it is meant to be an enjoyable experiment. If you don’t accurately predict the cards, that’s okay. Try not to put any pressure on yourself. Just have fun exploring your sixth sense!