Qatar Study Visa – Eligibility, Application and Funding

Qatar Study Visa – Eligibility, Application and Funding

There are so many benefits to choosing Qatar for international studies. With a Qatar study visa, you can take advantage of the rich cultural atmosphere of this stunning Arab world.


You can also meet people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds in the nation’s major cities. English is also the second most spoken language in this region, so you won’t have any trouble communicating with the locals.

Before you can stay in Qatar to study, it is best to get a student visa, also known as an educational residency visa. You will be able to enter the country legally thanks to this. In addition to Qatar University, the nation’s oldest institution, you can apply to a number of foreign institutions in Qatar. An excellent education that adheres to international standards is provided by these colleges.


In the end, getting your degree in Qatar will give you job opportunities in important sectors, allowing you to take advantage of the country’s growing economy. Learn everything you need to know about getting a study visa for Qatar in this article.

Qatar Study Visa

Visas for Qatar fall broadly into the following categories: tourist visas, business visas, resident visit visas for Gulf Cooperation Council members, family visit visas, family residence visas, transit visas, and other types of visas like education visas. Additionally, single-entry or multiple-entry visas have been granted by international visa policies.


Visa Type C—Short-Term Stay

An applicant can request a short-term visa for stays of up to 90 days that fall within predetermined time frames.


Visa for Short-Term Education and Training in Qatar Foreign nationals who wish to travel to Qatar for brief periods of education or training may also apply for a tourist visa that is supported by the host institution. All visa procedures are overseen by the Ministry of Interior. However, the visitor must apply for an education visa in order to extend their stay.


Visa Type D (Long-Term Stay): 

Anyone with a long-term visa can visit Qatar for more than 90 days.


If they meet certain requirements, employees who want to bring their dependents with them can apply for family residence, as can expatriates who want to invest in a Qatari business. After securing their authorized seats, foreign nationals who wish to attend a Qatari school must also apply for an education residence visa.

General Requirements to Apply for a Qatar Study Visa
Please be advised that different documents may be required depending on the length of your visit, the reason for your visit, and the category of your visa. At any time, the Consulate may request additional documentation.

What forms must be submitted to obtain a Qatari student visa? When applying for a student visa to Qatar, keep the following documents in mind:

  • Affidavit from the Financial Sponsor, whose money will cover your education in the country.
    a duplicate of the Qatar ID card or passport of your sponsor.
  • Evidence that your sponsor is financially stable.
  • Passport with blank pages for visa stamps and a validity of at least one year.
  • Copy of passport bio page.
  • Two images the size of passports.
    letter of admission from your host university;
  • Form for a health assessment from a country-approved clinic or hospital;
  • Certificate of Good Conduct or a Criminal Clearance from a legitimate government agency in your home country.

how to apply for a student visa in Qatar.


Before you can apply for a student visa through the Qatari embassy in your home country, you must be accepted by a Qatari university. Among the nation’s well-known universities for international students are Qatar University, Weil Cornell Medical College, Georgetown University, Northwestern University, and Carnegie Mellon University.

The majority of the institutions on the list are divisions of institutions with facilities in the United States. After applying to these universities and receiving an admissions letter, you can apply for a student visa. On the other hand, you must complete the university application process if you want to apply to Qatar University. As a result, it would be helpful if, in addition to the requirements that were initially outlined in this article, you prepared for the following:

If you’re applying as an undergraduate, the following must be done:

  • Obtain a letter of consent from your guardian approving your enrollment at Qatar University.
  • A residency permit.

Complete the declaration form for students.

The admission decision and the outcome of the visa application are combined for the convenience of international students.


Pro tip: Applying for a Qatar University Scholarship could help you avoid needing a student visa. It is best to apply for a student visa if you do not receive the scholarship and decide to enroll at Qatar University on a fee-paying basis.

#2. Learn more about applying for a Qatar student visa at the embassy.
Contact the Qatar embassy in your country to learn more about applying for a Qatar student visa or educational residency visa.

#3. Start your online application with the Interior Ministry (MOI).
If you want to continue with your online application, it would be helpful if you went to the e-services website of the Qatari Ministry of Interior. After selecting the Visa Services options, be sure to click “Issue Visa.” Make sure to provide your email address if you receive a receipt electronically for your visa application. Finally, after completing the online application, ensure that you click the “Submit” button to print the confirmation document. Together with the other requirements, this will be submitted at the embassy.

#4. Send in your application materials

You must complete this step by going to the Qatari embassy or service center in your country.

Bring the necessary documentation to apply for a visa. You might also have to pay any fees that apply.


If you have applied for a visa through your school, it is best to inquire with the university admissions team about the most efficient method for submitting your documents.


#5. To keep track of your online application 

For a Qatar study visa, you must visit the Qatari Ministry of Interior’s website. Also, enter your application number and date to see how far along your visa application is. If you used your university’s application process, contact the international admissions office to find out where your application for a student visa to Qatar is.


For instance, Qatar University advises contacting their department with inquiries regarding scholarships and international admissions. Keep up-to-date contact information, including active email and phone numbers. Additionally, Qatar University occasionally contacts applicants to request additional supporting documentation.

#6. print your electronic visa from the MOI website
Once your application has been accepted. In a similar vein, the university where your visa application was submitted will issue you with an electronic visa for travel to Qatar.

#7. Request a Residence Permit
As soon as you arrive in Qatar, ask your host university for assistance with your residence permits. You can apply for anywhere from two weeks to a month, depending on your university. In order to submit your application for a residence permit, you must:

  • Get a health checkup
  •  submit a blood type certificate
  • Fingerprints in the appropriate place.


You are prohibited from leaving Qatar while awaiting your residency permission card. In contrast, candidates must depart Qatar within two days if they fail the medical exam.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements for non-Europeans applying for a Qatar visa?

Foreigners can plan their trips to Qatar after meeting the above requirements for obtaining an entrance visa, even if their nation is not eligible to request visa exemptions. You could also conduct a search online to learn more about the terms of the agreements between your country and Qatar.


What are the Qatar Visa requirements for US, Canadian, and UK citizens?

When visiting Qatar, residents of the United States do not need to prepare for a visa beforehand. They can get a free visa waiver at the airport if they have a passport that has been valid for six months. The visa waiver on arrival program provides residents of the United States with multiple entry options and a maximum 30-day stay in Qatar.


UK citizens can get free 30-day tourist visas for just their arrival. However, stays that last longer than 30 days can be extended by the Ministry of Interior. Those who require additional travel-related visas must obtain them before entering Qatar. Prior to traveling to Qatar, Canadian citizens are not required to apply for a visa. Instead, they can apply for visa exemptions upon arrival, which grant the bearer permission to remain for up to 30 days with the option of extension.


How much money is required to acquire a Qatar Student Visa?

There is no fee to apply for a Qatar education residence visa or student visa. Having said that, you’ll need to show that you have the money to pay for your education. This could be done by a sponsor from Qatar or elsewhere. Your education can also be paid for.


Tuition for a bachelor’s degree ranges from $220 to $270 per study credit hour. In contrast, graduate courses cost $590 per credit hour. A $55 application fee will also have to be paid by you.


In conclusion

Qatar has one of the world’s most accommodating policies regarding study visas. A study visa for Qatar can be obtained without a job offer or any other sponsor. Only a letter of acceptance from an accredited Qatari university will be required. As a result, going to school in Qatar is very affordable.



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