Simple Wifi Timer (*app will be removed) New Mod Apk

Simple Wifi Timer (*app will be removed) New Mod Apk

Simple Wifi Timer (*app will be removed) New Mod Apk

*This app will not be able to use the WiFi on / off function, so if there is no workaround, it will be removed in the future.


★ Simple and easy to use look and function 😆
★ Automatically turn ON/OFF switching between WiFi and Bluetooth in a specified time 📡 🎛 ⏰
★ Efficiently turn ON/OFF and save battery 🔋
★ Save WiFi ON/OFF at a fixed time such as commuting 🌏

Simple WiFi timer is a timer application that can turn ON/OFF automatically at the time you specified WiFi and Bluetooth. I appreciate this application will make your life a little fun and convenient.

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◆ Save batteries!

If you turn on it without using WiFi or Bluetooth, the battery will be consumed. By properly turning ON/OFF, it helps to conserve battery.

◆ It is troublesome to switch ON/OFF manually!

Automatic switching is very useful for those who have decided the time to switch between WiFi and Bluetooth.

How to use
Easy operation. You can create a schedule by setting the day and time you want to set from the schedule list like an alarm.

 When you are at home, turn on WiFi, turn off when you are out, commute to school and turn on Bluetooth, use Bluetooth earphone, turn off Bluetooth at school · company. You can switch ON/OFF automatically by setting a timer in advance according to your own style.

Extra function
From other settings, you can display emoticons on the simple WiFi timer notification message.

Please be careful
📌About operation of device during sleep *
In Android 6 and later Android OS there is a restriction on the behavior in the background while the device is sleeping for battery saving.
While the device is sleeping, the timer is not executed correctly, and it may be executed after the wakeup is canceled. Please note.
(* Sleeping … The power supply is not connected, the user does not operate anything, the screen turns off and a certain period of time has elapsed)

📎Added a function that can be operated during sleep in “Other settings”.
* When this function is enabled, an alarm icon is displayed in the status bar.

📌This application is a mechanism to “run automatically” at the time registered at the schedule and at the time of device startup and make the application work. For the purpose of saving battery, this application may be stopped due to Android setting added by battery saving application or manufacturer (ASUS · Elephone · Huawei · Samsung · Sony · Xiaomi · OPPO etc.).

Apache License 2.0


※This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
(Required to enable the screen lock feature when the slip timer is complete.)


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