Travel Diary Mod Apk

Travel Diary Mod Apk

Travel Diary Mod Apk

Is travelling your passion? If so then Travel Diary is the ideal app for you! Take photos during your journey to save and recollect all the amazing moments you encounter and memories you make along the way. Display travel photo slideshows from your holidays and show your friends your journey. Thanks to accurate location tracking you can easily go back to the places that gave you great memories and retrace your trip. You can also create fascinating descriptions and beautiful stories. Export your journey to a PDF document and create a photobook of your adventures and so much more…

✈️ Save your journey with dates, list of countries and name

✈️ Add memories with photos and descriptions

✈️ Display a slideshow of your travel photos

✈️ Add photos from your gallery or camera

✈️ Follow your trip on a map

✈️ Travelers ranking: add memories from your journey and achieve a Golden Traveler

✈️ Ideal journal for travellers and globetrotters

✈️ Display your voyage footprints on the map

✈️ Collect all of your great adventures in one place with Travel Diary!

✈️ Export your journey to a PDF document and create a photo book complete with

✈️ Show your photos from holiday in slide show

✈️ Share your travel memories with your friends

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