Travel Expense Manager & Trip Budget Planner Mod Apk

Travel Expense Manager & Trip Budget Planner Mod Apk

Travel Expense Manager & Trip Budget Planner Mod Apk

A FREE travel expense manager – tracker, an essential tool for a budget traveler or digital nomad, to manage the travel budget in different currencies, to organize the entries (expenses and incomes) by categories (fun, food, transportation…) and payment methods (cash, debit/credit card…), and to provide statistical information about the trip.

🏝️ Easily manage your travel budget and travel expense

Simply inform your travel budget that you can spend and then register the travel expenses when they happen, in just 3 taps.

💵 Organize everything by categories or payment methods

– Create and customize categories to track the money usage according to each category.

– Create and customize payment methods to track spendings according to each payment method.

📊 See statistics (charts and tables)

See statistics in different charts and tables, such as line chart of daily expenses and pie chart of category and payment methods. Touch the charts to see more details.

💱 Create as many trip wallets as necessary, and manage different currencies

Create as many trip wallets as necessary. Use it as a way to also manage different currencies. For example, if you go to Italy, India, USA, and Brazil, you can create a trip wallet for each of these countries and each one with a different currency.

🏡 Convert the destination currency to your home currency

Always register which currency you will use according to the place that you visit as well as your home currency, for each wallet that you create. Always inform the values according to the destination currency, and WallTrip will show you how much you are spending in your home currency.

💰 Control the daily budget

See how many days you can continue considering the mean daily’s spendings and the remaining money.

Inform the number of days of your trip and see the desired daily’s spending and information of how much you still can spend everyday.

🥅 Create goals to save money

Create goals and save money for them. The idea is simple: you can basically create a goal (e.g., “dinner in a fancy restaurant”) and inform how much money you want to save for that goal (e.g., dinner would probably cost 100 U$). The app will block this value from your available money and, as soon as you have that dinner, you can normally create an expense (with the real value of the dinner) and relate it to the specific goal. The app will then discount that value from the goal. You can always relate a goal to multiple entries.

💾 Keep your data safe

Make backup and restore your information in a new device by enabling the auto-backup in your Android. In Android version 9 and higher, this setting is in Settings – System – Backup. The backup is done automatically daily and when you install the app in another device, it will restore the information automatically. If you want to make backup now, go to Settings – System – Backup and press Backup now.

📬 Export a report in PDF or CSV

Export the information in a PDF or CSV file and save it in your e-mail, Google Drive, Dropbox. Edit the CSV file in your favourite spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet, LibreOffice Calc.

📡 Work totally offline

WallTrip does not need any Internet connection for its main features, so that, you do not need to spend your Internet when using WallTrip.

💽 Low storage, memory, and CPU consumption

We keep WallTrip as less storage/memory/CPU consuming as possible! So that, you can install WallTrip even if your smartphone has a little memory and available storage.