Travel Expenses Mod Apk

Travel Expenses Mod Apk

Travel Expenses Mod Apk

Travel Expenses helps budget conscious travellers and tourists monitor their spending in multiple currencies. And get this – it’s completely free.

You can clearly track all of your daily expenses, making it easier to keep within your budget, no matter where your travels might take you.

The app is inspired by my own experience of travelling in countries with high or low denomination currencies, and by the ‘Lonely Planet’ article “Long-term travel: top tips for a fulfilling trip” –

Travel Expenses is simple and streamlined – Check the screen-shots and the feature list below to see what this app is and what it isn’t!


1) Add a new expense by giving it a name (like “Lunch”, “Hotel” or “Brewskis”), adding the cost, the local currency and details of date and time

2) If you’ve made a mistake or need to adjust something you can easily edit and delete existing expenses

3) For each day you can add a location to keep note of where you’ve spent what

4) When you get home and start planning for your next trip you can archive the expenses list and create a new one

5) Reload an archived list any time

6) Export, backup and import your data to your SD card

This app will – among many other things – not allow you to:

1) visualise or analyse your spending

2) put expenses into categories

3) attach photographed receipts

4) share your expenses on Google+, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network

5) travel through time

Privacy policy:

Your data is yours and yours only.

I’d love to hear how Travel Expenses has helped you, and how I could improve it, so please get in touch.



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