Travel Restrictions & Open Borders New Mod Apk

Travel Restrictions & Open Borders New Mod Apk

Travel Restrictions & Open Borders New Mod Apk

Travel Restrictions & Open Borders is the app that keeps you informed about the global travel conditions, travel restrictions, travel bans and country entry requirements NOT including visa information.

It offers only the essential information you need at a glance and it is all free.

The current travel restrictions and bans are presented by country.

For fast and easy understanding of the current entry restrictions for a given country, there are three general states we have defined:

• Heavy entry restrictions (Red)
This means that at present it is very difficult to enter the country and there are major travel obstacles, which might include total border closures or entry ban on all travelers, visa suspensions, obligatory medical tests or certificates, mandatory quarantine, no flights availability, etc.

• Partial entry restrictions (Orange)
This means that currently there are various travel restrictions which might be related to entry ban for nationals of specific countries or travelers that have visited them, special entry authorization requirements, medical certificates and/or tests, limited availability of flights, etc.

• No entry restrictions (Green)
This indicates that currently the specific country has not implemented any travel restrictions but all visa requirements are still in place.

Furthermore, the information about the current travel restrictions and requirement for each country can be divided in three areas:

1. Current state of the borders
Here we indicate the exact state of the country’s national borders and the entry requirements.

Among others these may include:

– Total entry ban for all travelers.
– No entry to foreign travelers except citizens.
– Entry allowed to citizens and legal residents only.
– Transit permission for some country national.

2. Air travel
The flights availability to the destination country is essential in most cases. Depending on the country legislation, various scenarios are possible, such as:

– All flights to the country are suspended.
– Some flights are suspended.
– Only repatriation flights are allowed.
– No flight restrictions.

Please note that in some cases, even if a specific country has not imposed any flight restrictions, it still may mean limited flight availability.

3. Quarantine requirements

Some countries have requirements for all or most travelers that enter their territory. Some of the possibilities include:

– All travelers are subject to 14/15/21-day quarantine.
– All travelers are subject to 14/15/21-day self-quarantine.
– No quarantine measures applied.

In addition, some countries have applied even stricter measures such as mandatory quarantine in government facilities, quarantine at full cost to foreign travelers, etc.

Any additional essential information is reflected in the “Notes” field.

For each country you can see the last date the information has been updated.

We are constantly monitoring a number of official government sources with a view to guarantee the validity of the information presented.

Despite our efforts to keep all information up-to-date, the rapid development of the global conditions sometimes makes it impossible to keep up.

Feel free to alert us about changes which have not yet been reflected on the platform by contacting us.

Please, use the information we provide as a guidance and confirm with the corresponding diplomatic missions prior to making travel arrangements.


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