Used Cars Dealer-Simulator 3D Modded Apk

Used Cars Dealer-Simulator 3D Modded Apk

Used Cars Dealer-Simulator 3D Modded Apk

Welcome to Used Car Dealer, in which you’ll be running a used car business by refurbishing the used car then selling it to become a car tycoon.🚙

Used Car Dealer is a great 3D simulator casual game. It contains a great number of 3D models of cars, in the game you can experience much fun to get a nearly new car by washing, tuning, painting, modifying a used car.🚘 Keeping your used car business in operation means taking every step to ensure that you’re a responsible and honest dealer.

How to play? 🛠️

★Choose a low price to purchase a used car from a vehicle seller.

★Use the right way to repair the used car and make it perfect.

★Adjust the position of car body parts to make them run as new.

★Piant the car with cool car stickers to be fully fresh.

★Sell the car to the customers who offer the highest price.

★Upgrade your car garage to gain more profit.

★Unlock the repairing skills as you level up.

★Every car that pulls into your garage requires a unique service package.

What’s new? 💰

-You may encounter VIP guests surprisingly to get more rewards and collect cash.

-Special guest comes, who is that? A theif! Call the police in a hurry.

-Many more 3d models, such as Pickup Truck, Sedan, SUV, Crossover, Green Cars/Hybrids, Sports Cars.

-Eye-popping and colorful 3D graphics.

Do you have what it takes to be a master? Fasten your seatbelt and take the used car maker game for a spin!

Download Used Car Dealer today and go on a joy ride to your own personal garage simulator and car customization station becoming a great used car tycoon.😲


We are looking forward to your feedback to make the game better!


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