Vietnam Student Visa: How to Get It, How to Apply, and What You Need

Vietnam Student Visa: How to Get It, How to Apply, and What You Need

A great way to study in Vietnam is with the Vietnam Student Visa. You can use it multiple times and stay for a predetermined amount of time.

When a student wants to study in Vietnam, they apply for a student visa through their diplomatic mission or the Vietnamese immigration office.

It can be tempting to follow the crowd when trying to find a new location to study.

However, if you want to learn more about a different culture and its history, doing so might be the best option.

You can make the application process for a student visa to Vietnam easier by reading a guide.


What is a student visa for Vietnam?

A document that allows you to enter Vietnam to finish your academic studies is called a study visa.

The student has the right to use the visa to study at any Vietnam university or college for a predetermined amount of time.

Additionally, students who are interested in studying art, history, or other Vietnam-related subjects frequently receive this visa.

You must be a college-bound student and have current academic transcripts in order to apply for a student visa.

You must also meet the requirements, such as having a certificate of good health and no criminal record.


Why go to school in Vietnam?

Students have many advantages when they study in Vietnam. In addition to its extensive cultural heritage, the nation offers affordable educational opportunities.

Additionally, the nation provides a wide range of educational opportunities, including numerous universities and locations that are ideal for students.

A high-quality education that will prepare students for a variety of career paths is available to them.

In addition, the country has a number of universities that provide a variety of degrees and programs, making it simple to locate the one that is ideal for you.

Lastly, Vietnam offers a wide range of languages, allowing students to study multiple languages simultaneously.

Top Universities in Vietnam 

Vietnam is a great place to study because it has numerous excellent universities and colleges.


Saigon University, Hanoi University, Nha Trang University, Long An University, Nha Trang University, Duy Tân University, FPT University, British University, Vietnam Shidler College of Business, Dalat University, Can Tho University, The University of Da Nang, Van Lang University, Vietnam Maritime University, Thai Nguyen University, Tân To University, Tôn c Thng University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Da Nang University, Quy Nhon.


Documents needed to apply for a student visa to Vietnam
If you want to study in Vietnam, you need the following documents.
These documents can help make sure you have the right visa for the country and verify your intentions.

  1. Application for a Vietnam visa (available at the immigration office or the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your country)
  2. Your travel document—an international passport with two pictures
  3. proof of enrollment at an accredited designated college or university
  4. Original transcripts of your undergraduate or graduate program from a reputable college or university
  5.  Letter of recommendation from parents or guardians
  6. Visa application fee receipts
  7. Proof of financial sustenance (such as a bank statement or pay slip)
  8. Confirmation of accommodation arrangement in Vietnam Health certificate
  9.  Proof of proficiency in English or Vietnamese language
  10.  Scheduled flight
    How to apply for a student visa to Vietnam

If you’re a foreigner who wants to study in Vietnam, getting a student visa is the best way to do so.

There are a lot of different ways to apply for a student visa, and the embassy or consulate you want to visit should have a specific guide on how to apply.

If you have the necessary documentation and carefully follow the instructions, you will be approved for this visa, as with the majority of visas in Asia.

#Step 1. Secure admission to any learning institution in Vietnam Admission to any learning institution in Vietnam provides students with a potent opportunity to acquire knowledge, experience, and an understanding of the country’s culture and history.

Additionally, having access to essential resources is crucial for anyone interested in studying the nation.

Students can take advantage of The Citadel of Learning to meet top Vietnamese experts in their field and gain access to world-class programs.

However, before beginning the application process, it is essential to inquire about the institution’s admission requirements.

Among the essential requirements are:
Your resume, original transcripts from your undergraduate or graduate program from a reputable university or college, and a certificate of police clearance are all required for applicants to begin the Vietnam student visa application once they have been approved.

#Step 2. A common request for a letter of permission to obtain a Vietnam student visa is for a letter of permission; It is a necessary step in completing the requirements for your visa application.

Therefore, before beginning the application process, if you are interested in studying in Vietnam, you must obtain permission from the Vietnam immigration authority.
#Step 3. Visit the Vietnamese diplomatic mission in your country of residence that is closest to you. There is no better way to see Vietnam’s beauty than to visit its diplomatic missions.
The best way to go about this is through a diplomatic mission in Vietnam because they will be more familiar with the requirements and procedures.

Also, having a copy of your university’s policy on student visas can be helpful to make sure you follow the rules.

#Step 4. To obtain a student visa, foreign students interested in studying in Vietnam must fill out the Vietnam visa application form and submit it, along with any other relevant documents.

The application form can be found on the website of the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in the nation in which the applicant resides.
On the other hand, completing the application form is simple and only takes a few minutes.

You are required to submit the completed form to the embassy or consulate along with other official documents.

#Step 5. Pay the visa fees If you want to study in Vietnam as a student, you must pay the visa fees. The price of a student visa varies, but it is typically $350.

However, before proceeding with the payment process, applicants must investigate the specific fee for their country of origin.
#Step 6. After completing all of the required paperwork and submitting your application, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your visa’s approval.

You will eventually receive an email notification stating that your visa has been approved if everything goes according to plan.

You are required to notify the educational institution if there is no Vietnamese diplomatic mission in your country of residence.

As a result, you will receive a document outlining the procedure for obtaining a student visa to Vietnam from your nation’s International Student Office.

Processing times for student visas in Vietnam Depending on your circumstances, Vietnam offers a variety of processing times for student visas.
The processing time for students who wish to apply for a student visa through their Vietnamese embassy or consulate should not exceed two weeks.
However, applicants who wish to submit an application for a student visa through the Vietnam Immigration Authority should anticipate a processing time of no more than two months.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can students from other countries work in Vietnam?
Vietnam has a wide variety of job opportunities and an excellent labor market, so international students can find work there.

Additionally, the government offers a variety of benefits, including housing and tuition waivers, to international students.
Do student visas currently exist in Vietnam?
It has been a long time coming, but Vietnam is now issuing student visas.

This is in line with the government’s plan to expand opportunities for its citizens and improve its educational system.
In Vietnam, do they speak English?
One of the most linguistically diverse societies in the world, the Vietnamese are renowned for their strong language skills.

In Vietnam, English is the most spoken language, and many people speak it well.

In conclusion
The Vietnam Student Visa is the best choice for you if you want to study in Vietnam without encountering any difficulties.

Students can use the visa multiple times and stay for six months. You can also use it to work and study in the country.

You will have access to numerous opportunities to meet new people and learn about the country’s architecture and culture with this visa.


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