VisaVisaVisa 180+ Travel Country list for passport New Mod Apk

VisaVisaVisa 180+ Travel Country list for passport New Mod Apk

VisaVisaVisa 180+ Travel Country list for passport New Mod Apk

“Do I need Visa? VisaVisaVisa helps you know Visa requirements by country. Enter passport country to get a free visa assessment done. See a list of Visa free, E-Visa, Visa on arrival, and Visa required countries for your passport.

VisaVisaVisa is the best trip planning tool for deciding your next travel destination. It offers your free visa advice for your passport country.

From the country visa list, you can select your travel destination. Check the documents required for Visa. Find the Visa validity for country and its currency. Know important information about Schengen region countries.

Visa requirements for your next travel destination could fall into one of the following categories:-

Visa Free countries: Powerful passports can help your with free visa travel to lot of countries. Documents required for your travel to these countries are minimal. You just need your passport stamped at Visa entry port of these no visa travel countries.

For example, Visa requirements for United States (US) citizens need free Visa for Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Argentina, Singapore and free entry visa to many more countries.

Visa on arrival countries: These countries offer you visa on landing at airport or entry port. You don’t need visa in advance before boarding your plane. You might need return travel tickets and confirmed hotel accommodation.

For example, Visa requirements for United Kingdom (UK) citizens need Visa on arrival for Cambodia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Maldives, Egypt, Jordan.

e Visa countries: eVisa is an online visa document which can be issued beforehand by your travel country. The is an e-Visa fee which you need to pay online and submit some documents like passport scan and photograph as per requirements. You need to show the printout of this electronic visa at immigration.

For example, Visa requirements for Australian passport need E Visa for United States, India, Vietnam, Oman, Turkey

Visa Required countries: Visa required countries need travellers to obtain Visa before they travel. Document required for visa needs to be submitted with passport to the embassy. Visa document is attached to passport and this helps in entering the country.

For example, Visa requirements for Canada passport need a Visa for Russia, China, Iran, Bhutan, Cuba,

Schengen Visa countries: Schengen Visa is needed to travel to Schengen region of Europe. It enables you to remain in the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days within a 180 days period, the validity of your multiple-entry, single-entry visa or double-entry visa depends on the embassy.

For example, Visa requirements for Indian passport need a Schengen Visa for France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium

Schengen Visa can to be applied 2 months before the travel date. Document requirements for Schengen visa is extensive and needs Visa application, Letter of Intent, Travel Itinerary, Return travel tickets, confirmed hotel accommodation, travel insurance, proof of funds. Find the complete visa document checklist in the app.”


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