Wifi Analyser New Mod Apk

Wifi Analyser New Mod Apk

Wifi Analyser New Mod Apk

Monitor strength of your wifi network, (and those nearby). Use to find a good location for your wifi hub. Or use to identify a channel with little overlap with neighbouring networks.

Please Note: For Android 9 and higher, the rate at which other networks are scanned is greatly reduced. Therefore you may see slow performance from the Channel, Graph and List screens of the app which are used for scanning nearby networks. However this should not effect the Gauge Screen for monitoring your own wifi network.

App has 4 screens:

• Gauge – shows the signal strength of the currently connected wifi network. Also shows maximum, minimum and average values. Graph with auto-scale & speed options.

• Channel – shows how the wifi networks are spread across the channels and overlap each other.

• Graph – shows how the signal strength of all nearby networks vary with time. Auto-scale & speed options. Select which networks to display.

• List – Contains basic information for all the detected networks: name, mac address, frequency, channel, encryption type and signal strength.

Note that to scan for wifi networks, location services needs to be enabled on your device and also the app given location permission. (For Android 12 and above, the location permission needs to be set to precise).

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