WiFi Data Analyzer Modded Apk

WiFi Data Analyzer Modded Apk

WiFi Data Analyzer Modded Apk

WiFi Data Analyzer – essential application for WiFi. Network manager and analyzer.
Analyze WiFi networks around you!

This app offers you:
Presentation of all data from your WiFi device.
Connection status diagnostics and signal strength
Wifi signal quality check

You will never need other WiFi analyzer app!

App is divided into tabs:
1) Connection tab – info about current connection, net and access point you are conected to. All important informations like SSID, BSSID, MAC, speed or lease duration are available, Your IP address, netmask and net gateway with dns adresses.

2) Acces points list tab – list of all visible network access points to your device. Every row describes one network with its name, channel, security and signal strength. You can sort this list by every attribute and discover networks around you!

3) Channels tab – graph presentation of visible networks with parabola shape depending on signal strength and channel on which network is working.

4) Signal tab – graph of time-dependent net signal strength. Small list showing every visible net. You can select most important network from list and watch how it’s signal strength is changing in time.

Application offers also:
– analyzing networks around you
– sharing every tab and every info with your friends!
– copying connection info to clipboard
– turning WiFi on/off
– turning WiFi on application start
– turning WiFi on application stop
– and much more…

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