Wifi Map with Password Show Modded Apk

Wifi Map with Password Show Modded Apk

Wifi Map with Password Show Modded Apk

Wifi map with password show will help you to connect to any Wifi for free around the world. Wifi map is the app that is developed to find wifi maps to surf the internet for free everywhere. With the help of wifi map with password you can join for free WiFi networks, search publish and private wifi network and connect them automatically. No matter where you are, get free wifi passwords in all major cities join and enjoy free internet. Wi-Fi key finder detects free wifi connections near to you. Without any complication process, simple steps to connect to nearby wifi with single tap. When you launch wifi map application it will show nearest WiFi hotspots with their passwords. Which wifi you are trying to access, get close to that and connect to wifi to access fast, reliable and free internet.

Wifi map get an automatic access to available wifi hotspots with their passwords. You can share wifi password to a known network and make it available for other wifi map app users. Wifi map uses location data and password security method of shared wifi through the Worldwide. Wifi finder is the best app for travelers to stay connected worldwide. Find city you are traveling to view map around you.

Wifi analyzer to optimize and analyze your wifi networks, measuring their signal strength as well as identifying crowded channels. In this way you can find high and strong frequency spot around you. Wifi analyzer monitors and analyzes your wifi network and warns if there exists some problems. You can detect problems without knowing how RSSI, link speed work etc. Wifi analyzer feature allows you to monitor wifi parameters easily. It also helps you to scan the devices to find who is using your wifi. Increasing the network performance via analyzing and monitoring wifi network!

b>Internet speed test feature allows you to see how fast your internet connection is, anywhere in the world. Speed test wifi 2G, 3G, 4G, DSL and all wifi connections. It will detect your download and upload speed and latency (ping) of all wifi networks right on your phone. Ping indicates whether your network speed is stable and fast or not. High value of ping (more than 150ms) cause lag during wifi usage while less than 20ms is considered a very low latency.

Wifi automatic to turn on Wifi when screen is unlocked and turn off while locked screen. Setting for enable/disable using button as well as widget. Set time and date for turning wifi on or off , also find here list of available wifi connections.

Wifi Map With Password Show is not about wifi hacking , also it does not use or share any kind of User Data with any third party. It is developed to find wifi map to surf the internet for free across the world.

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