Wifi master-All wifi passwords Modded Apk

Wifi master-All wifi passwords Modded Apk

Wifi master-All wifi passwords Modded Apk

Wifi password master-Real wifi key master is an free android app which works on multiple features of wifi and provide different functionality at one place.

πŸ“€ Wifi password master: shows all passwords saved of available wifi networks near you and shows signal strength of each wifi network through wifi channel list. Wifi password show-Show all wifi passwords and real master key of wifi connections that are saved by you. You can also say that show me nearby neighbour wifi passwords that are saved by you in this wifi master-Real wifi master key.

Wifi password generator-Real wifi key master can easily generate the wifi random passwords and also you can copy them and use them in your wifi router passwords so your home wifi or school wifi connection can be secured. Password generator-Secure wifi password generator can built a strong wifi password.

Real wifi master key application has many wifi related features that can be used as wifi password saver and you can connect to a wifi connection also.

Wifi key master application can give you internet speed tester. Internet speed tester can give your the uploading and downloading speed of the connected wifi connection.

πŸ“€ Wifi password creator: generate the strong password will help you to create stronger password using upper and lower case latter, symbols and digits and save this generated password for future use.

πŸ“€ Wifi password list: show all saved wifi password so you have not to remind any wifi password, connected devices: all devices connected with router is one of the best feature of wifi password master in which you can see all the connected devices with your router and can see ip addresses of all the connected devices.

πŸ“€ Wifi speed test: see your wifi downloading and uploading speed of your connected router with wifi password master easily.

πŸ“€ Wifi scanner: connect with wifi using scanner is work on QR code of the wifi router so you do not need any wifi password to connect just scan the QR code of wifi.

πŸ“€ Features

🎈 You can on and off your hotspot just in single click inside the app.

🎈 See available wifi list in one place and check whether I am connected with which wifi router.

🎈 Auto generate strong wifi password using strong mechanism and save it for future use you can also copy the generated password and paste it where ever you want.

🎈 Show all connected devices with your router or hotspot and also showing their ip addresses.

🎈 Test your wifi speed include uploading and downloading speed of your wifi networks and also show signal strength of each wifi networks.

🌲 Scan wifi: neighbor wifi is used to scan QR code of the wifi which you want to connect, after scanning the QR code, wifi scanner will generate name and password of that wifi. you can also on and off your wifi just in single click and check the wifi information like ip address of the wifi router or hotspot and link speed of that wifi with which you are connected.

🌲 Wifi password generator: generate strong password for your wifi router and mobile hotspot and save/copy for future use these all saved password will be directed to show password feature of the wifi password master. Connected devices: show all the devices which are using your wifi with their IP addresses and mac addresses.
🌲 Extra feature of the app is flash light: on/off your mobile light within the password generator app and control your mobile hotspot from the app easily.

πŸ“€ How to use:
Wifi password master has very friendly interface and every feature of the app is self-explanatory.

🌲 When you open Wifi password master it will ask about permission to work properly 🌲camera permission and access fine location from the user 🌲front activity contains all the latest features, you just have to click and enjoy the feature for free.

πŸ“€ Permissions:
CAMERA permission to scan the QR code of a wifi
A CCESS FINE LOCATION permission to get the information details of connected wifi




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