WiFi QR Code Scanner, Barcode Scanner Modded Apk

WiFi QR Code Scanner, Barcode Scanner Modded Apk

WiFi QR Code Scanner, Barcode Scanner Modded Apk

Imagine you are sitting in a cafe and you want to connect to the WiFi swiftly, or want to check their menu without touching the menu card. Imagine you are strolling through a supermarket and you want to check the price of a particular product online at an e-commerce platform but do not want to browse through thousands of products available online. All these stated things are possible through this QR code scanner app. All you need to do is open this fast barcode and QR reader app and scan the code to get the details you need.

With this barcode reader and QR scanner application, you will be able to have all the product information in front of you. QR, barcodes are everywhere, right from visiting cards to eateries. Now, you will be able to find out all the information such as wifi, contact information at one go with this accurate and reliable barcode scan and qr reader app. This becomes an essential app for every device to read the information behind the square barcodes quickly in just seconds by scanning it.

How to use this powerful barcode and QR scanner app?
It is super easy to get all the information you need to know about a product in an accurate and super fast way, now, with the QR code scanner app. With this app, all you need to do is open the app, point the camera at the barcode mentioned generally on the back of the product (making sure the code is completely in focus). Change your smartphone into an instant QR code reader by pointing the camera of your smartphone at the code and you will have accurate results of the code in front of you. By using phone’s camera, barcode scanner & QR reader app will quickly scan and recognise the information of barcode inventory. It is simple to operate and is designed to give instant results by auto recognising the barcode or QR.

Features of Barcode scan and QR reader App

Scan All formats
With this reliable scanner for QR app, you will be able to scan all regular formats like EAN, ISIN etc. This means that you will have access to full information about the product by scanning the code through this app.

With the flashlight feature in the lightweight app, you can even scan the barcode or the QR code in dim light or in a dark environment. Activate the flashlight using the sign displayed and focus this on your QR code so that it is clearly visible for scanning.

Unlimited Usage
You will be able to read or scan unlimited barcodes, QR codes quickly with this reader app. Now, compare prices through details of products by scanning QR codes or any kind of barcode inventory accurately as many times and save money with this code reader app.

You will be able to share the instant results after scanning the barcode or QR code with your friends through social media channels.

Permissions needed for best experience of scanning QR code
-CAMERA: To capture the image of the QR or barcode. Permissions are prompted when needed, users have the option to “Allow” or “Deny”

The QR decoder app respects the privacy and only require permissions that are essential for decoding the barcode or QR code.

This app is designed to give you a very high quality experience. Please don’t hesitate to shoot us your query on happyverseapp@gmail.com.