WordFab – Crossword Puzzles! Mod Apk

WordFab - Crossword Puzzles! Mod Apk

WordFab – Crossword Puzzles! Mod Apk

Addictive free word search game with charming scenery for relaxation in your fun brain training. Best word games for adults to boost your vocab & word connect skills!

WordFab – Crossword Puzzles
A fun word find game: find words from the scrambled letters and to pass the levels! Swipe your finger to finish all the blanks! Every time you finish a level, you will move to the next spot on an ongoing map, just like taking an adventure!

Expand Your Vocabulary in 2000+ Levels
Word connect game with over 1000 levels powered by Oxford Dictionaries to give the chance to train your vocab skills and add new words to your brain library, making you a word guru.

Pleasing Scenery to Ease Your Eyes & Mind
A word crossy game that can bring more relaxation! WordFab comes with fair images of nice scenery and landscapes, which keeps you away from boredom and keeps your mind fresh and sharp!

Earn Your Reward
Finding hidden words can earn you extra coins that can be used to buy hints when you are stuck. There are more ways to get the reward:
*Launch our word game every day for a daily bonus.
*Spins 5 times on our reward spinner every 6 hours.
*Invite your Facebook friends.
*Share the word puzzle game on Facebook.
*Pass all levels of a category.

Earn More Coins from Piggy Bank
To earn more coins, break the piggy bank! When you clear a level, find a hidden word or finish a combo, you get a snowflake, which will then turned into 4 coins to save in the piggy bank. When you break the piggy bank with a purchased hammer, you get all the coins within.

Share on Facebook & Social Media
Want to see how far you go in the rank worldwide? Log in with your Facebook info to compete with others! You can also share show off your vocab skills by sharing it on Facebook & other social media apps – don’t forget to invite your besties!
How to Play WordFab

Word Connect – swipe your fingers in any direction you want to connect letter to build up words.

Fill Blanks – find all the words required in a level to fill the blanks to pass the level.

Get Help – if you ever get stuck, here are the solutions:
1. Shuffle the letters to break your mindset and stretch your imagination.
2. Buy hints with your coins.
3. Tap “Friends” to send your friend(s) a screenshot for help.


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